FiveM Premium Anticheat

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FiveM Anticheat Script/Mod | OPTIMIZED and adapted for ESX
detects modders and hackers and blocks them immediately. (including Discord log)

Many server owners struggle because of cheaters, modders and hackers. There are a number of hacks and mod menus for FiveM and money hacks for the ESX Framework.

Don't give hackers/modders a chance. Ban them now with this anti-cheat protection.


  • Anti God Mode
  • Anti Spectate
  • Anti Speed Hacks
  • Anti explosion damage
  • Anti-Blacklisted Weapons
  • Anti VDM (Toggleable)
  • Anti Weapon Damage Modifier
  • Anti thermal vision
  • Anti-night vision
  • Anti-resource injection
  • Anti resource start/stop
  • Anti Command Injection
  • Anti License Clears
  • Anti LUA Injections
  • Anti-Vehicle Weapons
  • Anti-keyboard injections
  • Anti Cheat Engine
  • Anti-Noclip
  • Anti Player Blips
  • Anti Infinite Ammo
  • Anti Ped Change
  • Anti Vehicle Modifiers (Rainbow car, speed mods Etc)
  • Anti Super Jump
  • Anti FreeCam (Fallout or similar)
  • Anti Menyoo
  • Anti Ped Revives
  • Anti Suicide using Mod Menus
  • Anti-Give Armor
  • Anti-vehicle spawn
  • Anti Blacklisted Explosions
  • Anti Mass Explosions
  • Anti Blacklisted Peds
  • Anti Mass Ped Spawn
  • Anti Blacklisted Vehicles
  • Anti Mass Vehicle Spawn
  • Anti Blacklisted Props
  • Anti Mass Prop Spawn
  • Anti-particles
  • Anti Blocked Words
  • Anti Blacklisted Triggers
  • Anti VPN

Optimized: ~0.02ms

Program languages:


You need this:

  • [ESX] Framework (optional)


Read the readme and then install according to the instructions!


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FiveM anti-cheat FiveM Premium Anticheat
Original price was: 70,21 €.Current price is: 40,46 €.