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This is what it offers…

  • mPed character clothing for MP Male and MP Female characters.
  • Special gang clothing for Ballas-Aztecas-The Families-Vagos-Bloods-Crips-Lost MC (hats, masks, pants, hoodies and much more)
  • Special clothing for each police department. LSPD LSSD LSSP etc. (Comes with a California Police pack if you want.)
  • (Tactical vests, patrol vests, hats, radios and more).
  • 490+ Female Clothing.
  • 380 Male Clothing.
  • Dozens of custom necklaces, accessories, hats, face tattoos and more!
  • 195+ Female Hair with Different Textures.
  • 100+ Male Hair with Different Textures.
  • Custom clothing for Weazel News.
  • Custom chains for gangs and civilians.
  • Custom Peds. (for police and gangs)
  • Custom Ped Clothing.
  • Custom face tattoos.
  • Custom Body Tattoos.
  • Custom hats for peds and custom characters.
  • All Eup stream files included in package (with script)
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    Clothing package

    FiveM Clothing Pack

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Yes, you need a OneSync license from FiveM.

The pack offers a variety of clothing and accessories for your multiplayer male and female characters in FiveM. It includes special gang clothing for different groups such as Ballas, Aztecas, The Families, Vagos, Bloods, Crips and Lost MC, as well as special clothing for different police departments such as LSPD, LSSD, LSSP, etc. In addition, hundreds of other clothing items, accessories, hair, tattoos and more are included.

The pack includes a wide range of clothing items such as hats, masks, pants, hoodies, tactical vests, patrol vests, caps, radios and much more for different characters and groups.

The pack includes over 490 female clothing items and over 380 male clothing items, including a variety of hair, textures, accessories and more.

Yes, the package is currently on sale. The original price is €71.39, but the current price is only €47.59.

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