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Welcome to the official FiveRP website! We are happy to introduce the latest, free FiveM entry script. Developed by Craniax and edited by Musiker15, this script provides a seamless entry experience for all new players on your FiveM server.

Do me a favor: DO NOT BUY entry scripts for 15 € (or similar) but take this free script. Save your money!


  • Entry Administration: Easy to use commands to let players enter, enter or leave the immigration office.
  • Configurable positions: Adjust the entry and marker positions according to your needs.
  • Integrated markers: Visualize the relevant positions in the game with customizable markers.
  • 3D Text Support: Display important information directly in the game.
  • Admin and command options: Flexible settings to configure the script according to your requirements.


  • /entry ID – Allow players to enter the country (if entry is successful)
  • /pure ID – Grant access to the immigration office (enter the immigration office)
  • /out ID – Bring back to roleplay (leave immigration office)


Config = {} ---------------------------------------------------------------- Config.Locale = 'de' Config.VersionChecker = true Config.Debug = false ---------------------------------------------------------------- Config.Entry = { {x = -1042.46, y = -2745.62, z = 21.36} } Config.Position = { vector3(-1082.14, -2826.92, 27.71) } Config.Position2 = { vector3(-1042.46, -2745.62, 21.36) } ---------------------------------------------------------------- Config.EnableMarker = true Config.MarkerCoords = { {x = -1065.74, y = -2798.57, z = 26.71} } Config.Draw3DText = true ---------------------------------------------------------------- Config.EnableAdmin = false



This script is released under the GNU General Public License v3.0. For more information about the license, see here.


If you have any questions or problems, our Discord support is available: Discord Support


Download the free FiveM entry script and integrate it into your server to provide new players with a great welcome experience.

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