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Do you want cool hairstyles for your server like the ones mentioned above? Are the current instructions too confusing for you? Follow these instructions step by step and you can have some cool hair mods too!
A notice: The ones shown are not available to the public, nor are they from me to give away. Please don't ask about them. I'll link some free resources below.

Requirements for this tutorial:
A Patreon tier of $15 or higher for FiveM – This won’t work without it
A programming app of your choice (I use Sublime)
Basic knowledge of server construction

Step 1: Find a hairstyle you like

5mods has some great resources that can be used for multiplayer characters. Make sure they are specifically designed for multiplayer or freemode characters. Some good resources and developers are linked below to check:

For this tutorial I chose these 'Bob Haircut' by -CREATIONS- and I downloaded the files and unzipped them into their own folder so I can work on them. The content should look like this:
Ignore the readme file as this will tell you how to install the hair for single player mode. We need this file for a server.

Step 2: Find a hairstyle you hate that's already in play to replace it.

Using This super practical website We can look at the files that are already included in the base game of GTA5 and the location in the game files. Open this website, check the correct box for the gender of the hair you want to replace, and make sure “Hair” is the only category checked. A number of hairstyles will appear, but the screenshots look a little funky - most don't look exactly like they are in the game, which can make it difficult. However, you can make adjustments later. Try not to choose a style that your server users might like to use.

For this tutorial I decided to replace the holdup glasses. It's strange that they are considered a "hairstyle" and somehow take up space. So let's fix this!


Step 3: Review your files and learn how to navigate OpenIV.

Measure twice, cut once. The same applies to uploading streaming assets. We're going to go into OpenIV and click file then Open folder – Navigate to the folder where you downloaded your haircut.

The folder contains two files that are important to us. A YDD and a YTD - a YDD file indicates that it is the model - the shape of the hair. The YTD is a texture dictionary - this is where the texture of the hair is located. Double-click the YDD file to open it and make sure it is what you want on your server and that it looks OK - that there are no obvious errors in the model. When you open it, it looks like this:

Don't worry about the hair being a weird color like this bright red - that's normal when you look at it in openIV.

Next, we'll check the hair you want to replace - or in our case, the goggles. Go back to the website where you found the hair and copy the highlighted section. We'll ignore that hair(number) part for now.


Paste it into the OpenIV search bar at the top right of the OpenIV window. You may see “No items match your search” in the middle of the window. However, just press the “Search” button (the search input).


A new window is going to be opened. Let it search and once it's done, navigate to a folder that exactly matches the name of your search not Insert the word “Patchday” in its place. Here you'll see the correct folder is highlighted - and there are red X's next to examples of what you're doing. not wants to go in. Double click on the right one and go inside.

Example of a tutorial

Inside is a list of the clothing, hairstyles, masks and more that DLC has added to GTA. Scroll to the 'Hair' files and navigate to the hair you selected. In this case we selected hair_000. We search and open this file and make sure it is the correct one. In the image below you can see the file names on the left, with the correct one highlighted and the open window shown on the right. This shows that we have our filename correct.

Step 4: Rename your files and prepare them for upload.

To make an asset streamable, you must effectively edit the name of the file itself to overwrite that slot. The format is as follows:

(folder hair is in) ^ (file name)

For example:

mp_f_freemode_01_mp_f_bikerdlc_01 ^ hair_000_u.ydd

Without naming your file correctly, it will not load onto your server at all. An easy way to do this is openIV. We can copy the folder and file names directly from open IV. Right-click the folder name and click “Copy Name” as shown.


And paste that name into a text program – like a notepad. Add a '^' after the file name. So far we have: mp_f_freemode_01_female_heist ^

Next, right-click on the file, press “Copy Name” and paste it after what you have already done.


So now we have: mp_f_freemode_01_female_heist ^ hair_000_u

Now scroll down in OpenIV and do the same for the texture dictionary file (YTD). These are located below the YDD files. You can see that the name is named slightly differently, but the 'hair' and three-digit number are still there, so you can easily identify what you need to copy.


For the texture dictionary file (YTD) we now have the following:
mp_f_freemode_01_female_heist ^ hair_diff_000_a_uni

Great! Now you have the file names. Make sure they don't have .ydd or .ytd at the end. Go back to where you downloaded the hairstyle and rename the YDD and YTD files to the names you created. Once you're done, they should look something like this:

Now create a new folder named “Stream” in this folder and put the hairstyles in it. Delete the readme file while you're at it.

Now all we need to do is create a Lua file – a __resource.lua like you would see in any normal script. The only thing is that it has to be empty! Yes – empty. Just needs to be called '__resource.lua', so just go to the programming editor of your choice, create a Lua file, write nothing in it and save it in the '__resource.lua' folder as described below.

I renamed the folder where this folder and the Lua file are located to a name that I wanted to upload to my server. For the tutorial I called it “TutorialHair”.

Step 5: Upload to your server

Now treat it like a script. Copy the entire file to your server resources and add it to your server configuration. Restart your server or start the 'script' on the server and exit the desktop. Then reconnect to see the changes.

Once you're in the game, go to the hair salon, use /skin or whatever skin editing menu you use and look for the hair. Go through the options slowly until you find it. Can't you find it? Then you did it wrong - go back to the beginning of this tutorial and try again.

Found it? Then congratulations – you've learned how to upload hairstyles! Once you complete the process a few times, adding will become very easy, quick and natural for you. If you want to add a lot of assets, I suggest making a table showing which slot you have already overwritten, which slot you have overwritten it with, and how much hair is occupied in the game. Below you'll find examples of how to manage your resources and even some cheeky suggestions on slots to replace!

Good luck! 🙂

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