Let FiveM generate character story (with AI)

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With the FiveM Backstory Generator you can create a detailed backstory for your character in GTA RP/FiveM. This tool uses AI to generate a customized and exciting story based on the information you enter. Follow these instructions to create a character backstory.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Visit the website: Go to the website of the FiveM Backstory Generators.
  2. Entering character information:
    • Character's Name: Enter your character's name.
    • Gender: Wähle das Geschlecht deines Charakters aus. Optionen sind ‚Male‘ und ‚Female‘.
  3. Select story type:
    • Choose the type of story you want for your character. For example:
      • Gangster/Crime: For characters with a criminal past or connections to the underworld.
  4. Humanize text:
    • If desired, you can select the option Humanize the text to make the generated story sound more natural and human.
  5. Create the story:
    • After entering all the required information, click the button to create the story.

Old Backstory Generator (v1)

If you want to use the older generator, you can use that one too. Here you enter details such as your character's name, age, occupation, location, past events and personality traits. Based on this information, a backstory is created that can enhance your gaming experience.

Tips for use

  • Detailed entries: The more detailed your input, the richer and more appropriate the generated backstory will be.
  • Experiment: Try different settings and combinations to get the best possible story for your character.
  • Save and customize: Save the generated story and adjust it as needed to better suit your character.


The FiveM Backstory Generator is a powerful tool to make your character in GTA RP/FiveM more lively and interesting. Take advantage of this tool to create deep and exciting backstories.

Try it out and let your creativity run wild!

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