The best starting tips for roleplay beginners

GTA Roleplay

Hello! Are you currently getting started and want to start your GTA RP? It's not that difficult to come up with a character and then get into the roleplay game. We'll show you how GTA Roleplay works.

When it comes to roleplay, the possibilities are diverse.

What is Roleplay?

Role playing is a way to tell your own story. Players take on the roles of characters they have created themselves or based on fictional characters from other media, and take part in activities such as driving and shooting. The game creates a persistent online world in which these stories can unfold. Even if it seems like an unusual concept at first glance, there are many gamers who like role-playing games because they offer players the opportunity to be creative while entering the world of multiplayer modes from FiveM, altV, RageMP or even Dive into GTA Online.

It may well happen that you are not immediately accepted by other players.

But you should also be aware that it is entirely possible that you might not be accepted by other players. This can happen for various reasons:

Maybe you've chosen a character that doesn't fit into the game world of others. Or there are personal reasons. If that's the case and you don't enjoy it, just try another character.

Maybe you play your character in an unusual way. Pay attention to how your fellow players act and react; ATTENTION: Don't take anything personally!

There are trained “Medics” in the game who can help you.

GTA5 Medic
Medics are, so to speak, paramedics or doctors.

If you are injured, poisoned or sick, a medic can help you. If you have the Medic profession and are in the same area as someone who is injured, poisoned, or sick, it is possible to use your medical skills to heal them. The more trained medics there are in a group of players, the faster they can heal each other.

The first job: For example, truck driver

Your first stop should be the transport hub, where trucks are waiting to transport goods or people. The game's economy is very simple: if you want to sell something, you can make money by transporting it elsewhere. Just like in real life, there is a fixed economic cycle in GTA RP. If someone needs something so badly that they will pay a high price for it, then your load is profitable. This could mean transporting weapons and drugs between two crime bosses who are currently at war with each other, or transporting vegetables from one city to another that doesn't yet have its own farms.

The next step is to use these winnings wisely! For example: Maybe there's a new company in town that pays well for raw materials but doesn't yet have a way to transport them? Then you could use your shipping skills to make a profit while helping an entrepreneur in need of startup capital!

Some tips for getting started roleplaying in GTA

  • When choosing a character, it is important that the character fits the situation. Would you like to live as a rock star? Or more like a worker?
  • It is also important to know yourself and assess what skills and strengths you have. You should always keep these in mind so as not to put yourself in danger.
  • In contrast to offline world roleplay, GTA Online offers many options for players with different backgrounds/education systems/political views etc., all of which are probably difficult to take up.


There are many options available to you to play GTA Roleplay. There is a lot of contact with other players and the police are always there. If you have any questions or need help, you can find it in the various forums. The blueprints for the various buildings are available on the Rockstar Games website.

Tips for server owners:

This is how your server becomes known

Every beginning is difficult: especially for new servers and communities. Build a server team you can trust. A team you count on. Talk to each other and ask yourself what players on your server think are good – or not so good. Actively respond to criticism and try to adapt and improve your server.

Try to figure out the best way to get new players. But before that, ask yourself if your project (roleplay server) is good enough to “grow big”. Only then should you start advertising or marketing. Only when the foundation stone is in place should you think further.

A lot is necessary to make your GTA server known. For example, you can distribute advertising on social media (Facebook, Instagram), advertise on Google Ads or advertise on video platforms such as Twitch and YouTube.

Create your own FiveM Server website or let us create it for you. This allows you to present your server uniquely on the Internet.

Add your server to our server list ✔

So that your server can expand its reach, please add it to our server list:

Your advantages:

  • Place advertising online
  • Lots of new players received
  • Introduce your server on our website
  • Benefit from the name FiveRP as a name

Important questions to ask yourself

We have put together a small collection of questions that you (and your team) should have answers to:

  1. Am I offering my players something unique? If yes, what?
  2. What can I improve on my server?
  3. Are my players happy? Otherwise, ask them what could be done better.
  4. Am I focusing too much on my own server? Can I maybe take a look at what others are doing?
  5. Am I focusing too much on other servers (competition)?

Poaching is not an option

Realize that poaching from other projects does not necessarily mean quality for your own server. Players who have been poached think that they have a better position “on the new island” because they “already know each other anyway”. As a result, IC/OOC experiences are often mixed.

Instead, offer something that creates experiences and experiences for new players. Then they will keep coming back (or at least remember your server). It's a lot of work, but it's definitely worth it.

What brings friends also brings enemies

Remember that people who enjoy your project are much more valuable than people who want to trash your project. Don't give these a chance. Therefore, make sure you have reasonable server hosting with DDoS protection and a Anti-cheat system.

Make sure exploits and FiveM bugs are fixed quickly and adjust your server rules. But don't steal from other servers here either.

Entertain your players

Here are a few tips on how to keep your players entertained:

  • Offer unique routes/jobs to earn money. (pay attention to flexibility here, don't let it become monotonous)
  • Organize cool events (races, skydiving, playing darts, etc)
  • Talk to them OOC (Talk Rounds)
  • Regularly offer exciting events, such as car chases
  • Announce innovations and implement them in the game

And: Give your server a focus

What's the priority on your GTA 5 RP server? Making money (farming), the economy? Exciting roleplay? New carts and races? Gangs or cops? It’s best to give your server a “focus point”.

You can't put everything in one pot. Try to focus on one thing and expand on it. Don't rush anything.

What do you think of our tips? Have we forgotten something? Feel free to write it as a comment.

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