GTA – a journey through time

GTA from Rockstar Gaming has been with us for what feels like forever. Since the first part, new sequels and modifications have continued to come out. The adult game series is extremely successful and loved by gamers. The idea of taking on the role of a criminal in an open-world adventure, climbing up the criminal hierarchy by completing tasks and missions, has brought GTA millions of fans. In the following article we present how it all began and where the journey led.

Rockstar hits a home run

Rockstar's original plans called for the game's main character to be a police officer. However, since this obviously has to adhere to the regulations, the idea seemed less exciting for the users and so the story was simply turned around. In Grand Theft Auto, which translates to “Grand Auto Theft,” the player could now freely explore the entire world as a criminal. GTA is one of the action-adventure games, with parts of racing games and Third-person shooter are included in it. The first version came out in 1997 and is about constantly unlocking new missions and parts of the worlds. To do this, you have to earn the trust of one of three factions, each of which controls a city, by completing orders. GTA 2 was released in 1999 and was structured similarly to its predecessor.

All good things are 3?

There were already some differences between GTA 1 and 2. While in the first version you only had to deal with the police, in GTA 2 you also had other criminal gangs as opponents. In both versions you could earn money by completing missions; GTA also made it possible to advance in your criminal career. The most important difference between the two games, however, is that it was only with GTA 2 that it became possible to save game progress.

GTA 3 was then released in 2001 and it differs from the previous versions because there is a storyline. There are now many other GTA variants that are set in different locations. The main storyline was continued in 2013 with GTA 5, which, among other things, added the map of the Diamond Casino & Resort. As in Platinum casino online There are also slot machines to discover in the Diamond Casino. However, GTA 5 is a mini-game in which you can win play money. This can then be used for better equipment or further missions.

Max Payne, LA Noire and GTA

There are now 17 versions of the Grand Theft Auto series and with GTA VI, the 18th of these is already in development. GTA is the most popular game from Rockstar, which has also published other games. However, Max Payne or LA Noire do not have the same success as GTA. The fact is that fans always wait impatiently for the release of new GTA versions and features. If there are exciting places like the Diamond Casino & Resort like in GTA 5, more fans of the game will join in. Due to the success of the Diamond Casino in particular, one can also ask whether Rockstar Gaming could even venture into the casino game developer industry in the future.

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