Is the GTA RP hype over? This comes as a surprise...

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GTA RP was pretty much the hype of 2021. There were a lot of streamers that were on the server “ImmortalRP” were buzzing around and it was easy to see that it had gotten a lot of attention. Many also signed up on FiveRP or created their own servers with their own FiveM Mods. However, the hype surrounding GTA RP is no longer as big as it once was.

How NoPixel started

NoPixel is an RP server that has been online since the beginning of 2019. Since then he has had his own community and mod team. The server is the pioneer of German roleplay and was created by koil, James-Mitchell Klout.

Big streamers are withdrawing

The GTA RP hype isn't completely over, but there are a few reasons why the big streamers are pulling out. Among other things, Montanablack88 had withdrawn.

As with other games, the network will gradually have to reflect on its strengths and weaknesses. The server issues have been resolved, most of the issues have been resolved as Rockstar content has now been removed. There is still plenty to do for everyone involved and it can be expected that the community will continue to survive and pursue its goals.

Criticism of servers and communities

If you're an RPer, then you've probably heard of the GTA RP servers. This server corner is one of the most popular places for the GTA RP community and the server with the most players. But if you look at the discussions, there are often only negative comments about this gameplay mode. What happened?

As already mentioned, FiveM gives you the opportunity to try out the new features in the game, which were especially intended to help you develop yourself and form your own character traits. This includes activities such as photography or sports such as bodyboarding (in this case with surfboards). However, these activities are very lengthy and not much fun - especially in situations where there is a lot of action!

Many other servers now

A number of other GTA RP servers have been founded in the last year. Some are much larger than NoPixels and others are smaller, but all have a similar goal: to create an environment where players can enjoy playing a role in the game and interacting with others in real life.

The first notable example of this is probably xRP, which was founded by former NoPixel employees who were unhappy with the way things were running on their old server. Unlike the large NoPixel community (and its reputation for being full of trolls), [XRP] has tried to remain small and niche by focusing on specific aspects of the game rather than trying to be everything to everyone. The server offers various jobs - taxi driver, mechanic, artist, bouncer - and players can earn money by completing missions or taking part in events such as races or heists. While these activities take place in the context of Los Santos' criminal underworld, there is also less emphasis on killing each other for fun compared to many other servers; instead, it's more about completing tasks together as part of a team so that everyone is fairly rewarded for their time investment in playing online games together

The hype surrounding GTA RP is no longer as big as it once was.

The hype surrounding GTA RP is no longer as big as it once was. Many streamers are withdrawing from the genre because they don't feel like it and have too much work keeping the servers running. However, there are still some servers with good RP and a good RP system.

GTA RP is a great opportunity to prove yourself and let off steam. You can have a lot of fun and make friends quickly thanks to the large community. But unfortunately there are always problems with the server and its developers, which is why it is no longer as popular as it was a few years ago.

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