That's why FiveM is tolerated by Rockstar Games

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FiveM is a popular modification for the open-world action game Grand Theft Auto V developed by Rockstar Games. Although FiveM was not developed by Rockstar Games and the use of mods is generally not permitted, modification is tolerated by Rockstar Games.

That's why Rockstar Games allows private RP servers

There are a few reasons why Rockstar Games tolerates FiveM. First of all brings the modification Many players get new content and functions that they otherwise wouldn't have. This can help keep the game more interesting for players and keep them playing longer. In the long term, this means more game sales and therefore more revenue for Rockstar Games.

In addition, there is also a community of FiveM developers who are constantly creating new content for the modification. This content is usually free and available to all FiveM users. This may help the modification become more popular and more players purchase Grand Theft Auto V to gain access to the FiveM content. This is also how Rockstar Games earns money from game sales.

However, you should follow the rules

The monetization of popular games is regulated by strict rules. The sale of mods or modified software is prohibited in most games as this can be considered copyright infringement. An example of this is Rockstar Games, which strictly prohibits the monetization of Grand Theft Auto V, particularly RP servers. This can be read on the Rockstar Games website!

Rockstar Games writes:

Rockstar Games has always believed in constructive fan creativity and wants to empower creators to express their passion for our games. Third-party Roleplay servers are an extension of the many community-created experiences in Grand Theft Auto, which we hope will continue to grow and continue to grow in a safe and friendly manner for many years to come.

For this reason, Take Two's legal enforcement policy is passed on to ours current PC single player mod policy adapted, with a focus on measures to address (i) misuse of Rockstar Games' trademarks or intellectual property (IP); (ii) introducing or misusing any other IP into the Game, including other Rockstar Games IP, real-world trademarks, characters, trademarks, or music; (iii) commercial use, including the sale of “Loot Boxes” for real money or its gaming equivalent, the sale of virtual currencies, the generation of revenue through sponsorship deals or in-game integrations, or the use of crypto-assets (e.g. “NFTs”); (iv) the creation of new games, stories, missions or maps; or (v) any interference with our official multiplayer or online services, including Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online.

This is not a license. This does not constitute recognition, approval or approval of third-party projects. Take-Two reserves the right to reject any third-party projects and to adjust, revoke and/or withdraw the statement published here at any time or for any reason. This statement does not constitute a waiver of any rights that Take-Two may have with respect to third party projects.


So overall, it is obvious that Rockstar Games tolerates FiveM because it has many benefits for the company. Although FiveM was not officially developed by Rockstar Games and the use of mods is generally not allowed, the modification brings players a lot of new content and features and keeps them happy for longer. In the long term, this means more game sales and therefore more revenue for Rockstar Games.

Nevertheless, you are not allowed to make money with servers, which is why Tebex shops are illegal!

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