Bingo evening on February 23rd

GTA 5 RP Server Bingo Night

Today was a successful BINGO evening instead of. With a lot of fun and excitement, the relaxed game was well received by many fellow citizens and it proved to us that BINGO is not just for old people. There was laughter, shouting and clapping. One thing is certain, that wasn't the last evening. As always, the team is happy about another successful event. At first you always think that it's just for old people. You have an uneasy feeling at an event like this. But the best community we have always teaches us otherwise. We are pleased that so much commitment comes across from our fellow players, it makes it more fun for the team too, you are simply the best! The next event is coming up. A boxing event. Would you like to be there too? Then Apply now with us and join us. As always, there are great prizes to be won. The whole team is looking forward to welcoming you. Why not now? If you want a great community, want a lot of RP, like to have a lot of fun, really like doing drug deals or just want to crack an ATM, then you've come to the right place. If you are at least 18, then come along, get in, we are waiting for you.

Your Five-RP team

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