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November 1, 2020

5 reasons why FiveM/RageMP/Alt:V is better than GTA:Online

5 reasons against GTA:Online

The online mode is still one of the most popular online games of 2020 - even though it is years old. This is also because Rockstar Games still releases free updates. Nevertheless, in addition to the classic GTA: Online mode, there are other ways to play multiplayer: namely on third-party software such as FiveM, Rage:MP or alt:V. Today we're giving you 10 reasons why private servers are (or can be) better than those from Rockstar Games.

1. Own (also server-side) mods

chrome 2020 11 01 00 00 58
Mercedes Benz – Mod vehicle for GTA 5

Admins of private GTA servers can create their own mods (such as from GTA5 mods) play. Among other things: New maps, car brands, skins, clothing, etc. For example, it is possible to drive a real Mercedes Benz in online mode. Players can also use graphics mods, which is officially prohibited in Grand Theft Auto V's online mode.

mods bring a breath of fresh air into the game. New vehicles are cool, new skins can be fun, all in all it's a real advantage.

2. No annoying trolling

Oppressor MK2, a flying motorcycle with weapons in online mode

Flying motorcycles, cars, fighter jets that shoot you down – all of this can be history on private servers. Many people are just fed up with trolling at its best – on the official GTA servers. Yes, there are a lot of kiddies who like to make other people's lives hell. Unfortunately, you're just exposed to it. If you want to change something, you can play on private servers. These vehicles can be blacklisted there (which they are on most RP servers anyway).

3. Community developed servers

chrome 2020 11 01 00 07 55
The community sets the rules.

New opportunities through the community. Custom, self-created scripts that are not available in GTA: Online mode. New tools, ways to play and game modes. For example, there are servers that are built on a “Cops vs Robbers” mode. It's about a group of police officers having to hunt down another group of robbers. In the end, the group that is still standing at the end wins. It is also possible to play a kind of last-man standing / battle royal, similar to PUBG. In addition to roleplay, there are also zombie survival servers. You see, there are endless possibilities!

4. Play as a police officer

chrome 2020 11 01 00 12 20
You can also play as a police officer on FiveM Roleplay servers

You can play as a parcel delivery person, paramedic, or even as a police officer if you play on private servers. This is usually not possible in GTA: Online mode. Take on a role by joining a roleplay server like FiveRP and play as a police officer, mechanic, or take on another job. You have the choice to experience GTA from a different side. Don't miss the opportunity to try out other options. Find out from us (FiveRP) which jobs you can play with us!

5. GTA hackers/modders who are annoying.

Everyone knows the most annoying players in GTA: hackers/modders. Sure, they're also available on other platforms like FiveM - but not to the same extent as they are on the GTA:Online servers. To avoid them, you can open private lobbies with your friends, but this quickly becomes boring. You hardly ever meet hackers on other platforms - it can't be ruled out, but it's much less common than on the official Rockstar servers.

We hope we've given you a few reasons to make you want to try out other multiplayer mods for Grand Theft Auto V. Have fun discovering new possibilities!