Clear FiveM Cache – How to do it (Easy Instructions)

FiveM Cache

FiveM is a well-known modification platform for Grand Theft Auto V that allows you to create your own servers and design individual gameplay. However, problems can arise from time to time. One of the first and most effective solutions to fix problems in FiveM is to clear the cache. Here you will find a detailed guide on how to clear your FiveM cache to ensure smooth gaming.

Instructions for clearing the cache

  1. Identify your FiveM folder: To find the correct folder, right-click the FiveM icon on your desktop and select “Open file path.”
  2. Access the FiveM Application Data: In the window that opens, double-click “FiveM Application Data” to access the data you need.
  3. Navigate to the “data” folder: Within the FiveM application data you will find the “data” folder. Here is your next destination.
  4. Clear Cache: In this step you will delete all folders within the “data” folder, except the “game-storage” folder. This step is intended to clear the FiveM cache and eliminate any errors that may occur.
  5. Launch FiveM and connect to FiveRP: After clearing the cache, open FiveM and connect to FiveRP.

With these simple steps you can clear your FiveM cache and enjoy an optimized gaming experience on FiveRP. Remember that clearing the cache regularly can help improve FiveM's performance and avoid potential problems.

Video instructions

Have fun with the RP.

Have fun playing on FiveRP!

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