FiveRP cracks the 100+ players

Reached 100 players

Tonight, June 7th, 2020, FiveRP experienced the highest number of players to date on the GTA5 RP server. The highest number of players since the project began, with 111 players at 8:41 p.m.

This is another important section and is a milestone.

The goal of FiveRP:

Not just creating any community – but something unique. For the server team, quality always comes before quantity - that's why it's not just about the number of players, but about the climate in the community.

It is important to us to create a virtual space in which players feel comfortable. The support team does not intervene in in-game matters unless there is an exceptional situation. That's why the community alone decides what happens next - and not any streamer or the team!

Special thanks go to the team who work every day whitelist-conducts discussions, handles and handles support cases, answers questions, etc. etc. - and of course to all players who perform good roleplay. Another special thank you goes to the donors who support FiveRP financially - it is only through you that we finance the project.

Top 5 donors ♥

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Thanks to the last donors!!!

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FiveRP – For the community.

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