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In a post from, FiveRP was listed as a GTA5 RP server. The article, published in February 2021 by Dennis Zirkler, explains roleplay and lists a few well-known RP servers - including FiveRP.

Gamestar is a German computer games magazine that has existed since 1997.

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These German RP servers exist

If all the rules didn't put you off, but perhaps even made you want to play GTA 5 role-playing even more, you have a whole range of German role-playing servers to choose from where you can apply you can – we’ll briefly introduce four of them to you here.

However, you should be quick: As soon as the big US streamers start playing GTA on RP servers again, the German Twitch streamers usually follow this trend just a few days later. The past has already shown in 2017 and 2019 that server operators receive a particularly large number of applications, which are associated with long waiting times.


The German RP server FiveRP describes itself as a beginner-friendly RP server. There shouldn't be long waiting times during the whitelisting process.

The playable professions here include police officers, paramedics, mechanics and taxi drivers, which are present on all servers, but also unusual jobs such as deep-sea divers and news reporters.

Click here for FiveRP

The link to the post is here:,3366704.html

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