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November 8, 2020

FiveRP V2 launched with complete success!

The second version of FiveRP (evolved) has been launched. The number of players and the feedback clearly show: With complete success!

We look back on a year full of exciting roleplay moments. Moments that built, shaped and ultimately supported the community. Everything wasn't always perfect, but with V2 things are getting better!

A new beginning for everyone – that’s what the community wanted. New jobs, leisure opportunities, imported vehicles – and new RP strands are possible. Many little things have been improved and server stability is better than ever. Purchasable properties and other options will also be coming soon.

We at FiveRP would like to thank all the feedback, criticism and praise from the players. The feedback is absolutely positive and the community is enthusiastic. You, the members of the community, do the project with your RP. We are proud to be such a successful community!