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October 19, 2020

GTA5 Bodycam – but how?

GTA bodycam

When someone talks about a body camera, it means that the action of the game is recorded by a person. There are various programs for this.

What is a “body camera” for?

It makes sense to have a recording program running if, for example, a support case arises. Then you can prove what happened in the game afterwards. Actions in the game are easier to understand, especially through support.

There are also body cameras for police officers to record criminal prosecutions. This is what we allow for cops. Civilians are also allowed to use IC (In Character) bodycam footage, but only if it was obviously recorded and this was obvious to the other characters in the situation.

What programs are there?

There are numerous programs that allow you to record the game. The two most famous are probably OBS Studio and NVidia Shadowplay. Shadowplay is included in the Nvidia driver, so if you have an Nvidia graphics card, you can use the in-house recording program.

How do I report rule violations?

Simply register with a ticket via our Discord. Upload the video to the associated ticket channel, or if it's too big, use YouTube. Make sure to set the video as “Unlisted” – because if it’s set to “Private” we won’t be able to watch it!