How Corona also influences roleplay

GTA Corona

Because of Corona, a lot of things in real life have come to a standstill. Shops are closing, parties are no longer possible, interpersonal relationships are in danger of failing. Many people are sitting at home, not knowing what to do with themselves and trying to make the best of the situation.

Source: JHU CSSE. The numbers are increasing every day.

The corona pandemic, which has paralyzed the entire world for a year, is still here and plays a very important role in people's everyday lives. The numbers are increasing every day - and unfortunately so are the deaths.

Corona and role play?

The coronavirus affects a lot of things. We noticed: Actually, so did our roleplay community. The player numbers say: Many are discovering the new game genre for themselves. It's also something great: Take advantage of opportunities that you haven't had before. Playing roles that you might not like in real life. Cool, right?

Many are starting to discover roleplay

In fact, as a GTA5 server, we have discovered that our number of players has increased due to the Corona measures. Many begin logging onto roleplay servers to have a bit of personal conflict. We can totally understand that and are here for anyone who feels lonely. With FiveRP we have created a balance that many people are already using to relive what they have lost. Register now to play along.

Stay home and play RP!

We ask everyone: please stay at home. Feel free to use our (or another) RP server to switch off. Roleplay is not an alternative to real life - but it is probably one of the best ways to escape from everyday life! The number of infections is still very high and we want to get through the pandemic together - with good RP. So you'd better do something online with your friends and use the possibilities of our GTA server.

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