Instructions: Convert FiveM Code (Framework/ESX/QBCore)

convert fivem code

In this post we will show you how to convert FiveM LUA code using the handy tool from This tool is especially useful for developers working with the popular frameworks ESX and QBCore. It allows easy conversion of code between these two frameworks, making the work much easier.

Let's go.

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Visit the website: Open your web browser and go to the page

2. Selecting the conversion direction: In the drop-down menu on the page you can select the direction of the conversion. You have two options:

  • ESX to QBCore: If you want to convert code from the ESX framework to the QBCore framework.
  • QBCore to ESX: If you want to convert code from the QBCore framework to the ESX framework.

3. Enter the code to be converted: Copy the LUA code you want to convert and paste it into the text box provided on the website. Make sure all the code is pasted correctly to avoid any conversion errors.

4. Start the conversion: Click on the “Convert Code” button to start the conversion process. The tool will immediately start converting the code.

5. Check and use the result: After a short time, the converted code will be displayed. Check the new code for possible errors or adjustments that may be necessary. Copy the converted code and integrate it into your project.

Explanation of the tools and frameworks:

ESX Framework: ESX (EssentialMode Extended) is a widely used framework for FiveM that provides a wide range of features for roleplaying servers. It includes basic features such as jobs, economies and inventories that provide developers with a solid foundation for their servers.

QBCore Framework: QBCore is another popular framework for FiveM, appreciated for its flexibility and modularity. It offers similar functionality to ESX, but with a stronger focus on modularity and easy customizability.

Function of the tool:

The tool on makes converting code between these two frameworks much easier. Whether you want to move from ESX to QBCore or from QBCore to ESX, the tool provides a quick and easy solution. This is especially useful if you want to adapt existing scripts to another framework or migrate projects from one framework to another.

Benefits of using the conversion tool:

  • Time saving: Manually converting code between frameworks can be time-consuming and error-prone. The tool automates this process and saves you valuable development time.
  • Error reduction: Automated conversion reduces the likelihood of errors that can occur when manually adjusting code.
  • User friendliness: The intuitive user interface makes the tool accessible and easy to use even for less experienced developers.

Visits try the tool yourself and make your FiveM scripting tasks easier. With this tool you can flexibly switch between ESX and QBCore and make your projects more efficient.

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