FiveM ESX Admin Commands

ESX Admin Commands

List of commands for admins for the ESX Framework

We have created an overview of admin commands here

  • /setcoords: Teleport to specific coordinates
  • /setjob: Assign a job to a player
  • /car: Spawn a vehicle
  • /cardel or /dv: Delete a vehicle
  • /setaccountmoney: Set the amount of money in a player's account
  • /giveaccountmoney: Transfer a specific amount of money to a player
  • /bring: Teleport a player to your location
  • /goto: Teleport you to a player
  • /giveitem: Give an item to a player
  • /giveweaponcomponent: Customize weapon components
  • /clear: Delete the chat
  • /clearall: Clear chat for all players
  • /showinventory: Check a player's inventory
  • /clearinventory: Empty a player's inventory
  • /clearloadout: Remove all weapons from a player
  • /setgroup: Assign a player to a specific group
  • /skin: Enter the player skin changing menu
  • /tpm: Teleport to a marker point on the map
  • /freeze: Freeze or unfreeze a player's movement
  • /kick: Remove a player from the server
  • /ban: Ban a player from the server
  • /unban: Unban a previously banned player
  • /addgroup: Add a player to a specific group
  • /removegroup: Remove a player from a specific group
  • /announce: Send a server-wide announcement or message
  • /warn: Issue a warning to a player
  • /kickall: Kick all players from the server
  • /godmode: Enable or disable God Mode for a player
  • /invincible: Make a player invulnerable or vulnerable
  • /sethealth: Set a player's health to a specific value
  • /setarmor: Set a player's armor level to a specified amount
  • /heal: Fully restore a player's health
  • /repair: Repair the vehicle you are in
  • /revive: Revive an injured or dead player
  • /tpcoords: Teleport to specific coordinates
  • /tpmarker: Teleport to a location marked on the map
  • /reviveme: Revive yourself when injured or dead
  • /noclip: Enable or disable No-Clip mode to fly through objects
  • /settime: Set the in-game time to a specific value
  • /weather: Change the weather in the game world
  • /debug: Enable or disable debug mode
  • /shut down: Shut down or restart the server
  • /whitelist: Manage the server whitelist
  • /announcestaff: Send a server-wide announcement specifically to employees

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