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Download the SaltyChat plugin

TeamSpeak 3 language plugin that uses FiveRP to communicate in game.

SaltyChat Download 2023

A notice: Saltychat is free for users, servers with 100 or more players have to pay money.

FiveRP recommends SaltyChat for Voice

Proximity & Sound

Talk to people around you, you are not alone! Salty gives you distance-based volume controls and 3D positional audio. Salty also has a simple sound player that allows you to play custom audio files (e.g. ringtones). The sound player has a standard set of sounds. However, you can also create your own sound packs or overwrite existing sounds.


Want to talk to your friends over a longer distance? There's no need to scream! Talk to your friends over the radio. Salty offers several modes that you can use:
– Ultra Short Range (USR)
– Short Range (SR)
– Long distance (LR)
– Distributed (DS)

Salty also has radio effects and simulates real calls.

phone calls

Would you like to make a call? Insert a coin and speak immediately. During the call you may notice that we also have a phone effect! We also calculate distortion based on the signal strength between you and your call partner.


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