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Server hosting comparison 2024

If you are looking for a FiveM server to take your GTA 5 gaming experience to the next level, you first need good FiveM server hosting.

We have compared all aspects of server hosts and published a comparison list with our best FiveM server hosts here.

What is FiveM? FiveM is a modification for GTA 5 that allows you to create your own servers. With FiveM you can play on player-created servers or even create your own GTA 5 RP server. This opens up the opportunity to create an individual gaming experience and experience Grand Theft Auto in a new light. FiveM's client runs on the PC, while you can run the server on both Windows and Linux.

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Our #1 test winner: OVHCloud ✨

OVHCloud is a well-known name in the hosting industry and offers robust server solutions for FiveM. With data centers around the world and a reliable infrastructure, you can rely on OVHCloud to ensure the performance and stability your FiveM server needs.

Click here to go to OVH: (not an affiliate link)

It's best to use a vServer or dedicated server so that you can set up your FiveM server there. OVHcloud is a renowned provider of cloud infrastructure solutions, which offers a wide range of services and products for businesses and developers. Regarding FiveM, a popular multiplayer modification for the video game Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), OVHcloud provides an excellent platform and infrastructure that optimally meets the needs of FiveM servers.

That's why OvH:

  • Best DDoS protection (virtually no attacks possible)
  • Full own administration (root rights)
  • Best data security
Personal experience: OVH has actually shown that it is the best host (at least for us). FiveRP was operated for 4 years and was repeatedly subjected to DDoS attacks - but with OVH the server remained stable and did not crash. So if you need secure hosting, OVH is the best option.

*no affiliate link!

Our #2 place: Zaphosting

Zap-hosting also offers you the opportunity to rent a FiveM server without having any technical expertise. The interface is designed to be user-friendly so you can create your own server quickly and easily.

The advantage: A direct user interface on the web from which you can manage your server. But be careful: no full root rights here (except for VPS)

*affiliate link

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Our #3 place: netcup

The Karlsruhe hoster offers VPS (i.e. virtual servers) and root servers. These run super stable for the price, unless they are the target of a DDoS attack... Then these servers go down very quickly. FiveRP actually had this experience too.

The advantage: cheap price, stable hardware, unfortunately no reliable DDoS protection. Netcup is suitable for beginners

*no affiliate link. We don't get paid 🙂

FAQ - FiveM Server Hosting

FiveM is a modification for the game GTA 5 that allows you to play on player-created servers or create your own GTA 5 Roleplay server. This mod offers the opportunity to create an individual gaming experience and experience GTA 5 in a new context.

A reliable server hoster provides the necessary infrastructure and performance to ensure stable and smooth operation of your FiveM server. This enables a better gaming experience for you and your fellow players.

Our comparison has shown that OVH Cloud is the best hoster for FiveM servers due to its worldwide data centers, reliable infrastructure and robust server solutions.

Yes, Providers like Zaphosting offer user-friendly interfaces that allow even users without technical expertise to create their own server quickly and easily.

To create a roleplay server, you should first rent a suitable server. Instructions and ready-made templates from your hosting provider can simplify the process.

Click here to read our guide

Further topics about FiveM

Do you want to create a GTA roleplay server?

To create an RP server, follow our instructions! Here we will explain to you how it is possible to create a server of this type. But first you should rent a suitable server for this.

Instructions to create FiveM Server

    1. Load all the data from the “resources” folder into your Zaphosting “resources” folder.

    1. Open the .SQL file included in an editor/notepad.

    1. Go to “Find and Replace” and replace all “essentialmode” with your database name. It looks like this: “zap-xxx123”.

    1. Upload the SQL (import).

    1. Change your Server.cfg to Zaphosting. Only include the “start” or “ensure” lines that activate the resources.

    1. Start the server. Complete!

If you rent a FiveM server, you can Use pre-made template. Fast and easy.


Tips for recommended FiveM scripts

Are you and your server team looking for new scripts for your roleplay server? Then here's a list for you, because we have the best tips for new sources of scripts!

Here you can find more overview pages for FiveM Mods

Rent FiveM servers

Zaphosting is official FiveM partner and takes care of the operation and administration of your server.

You can find the best FiveM server hosters at FiveRP. We wish you a lot of fun!

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