What is GTA Roleplay?

What exactly is GTA Roleplay?

Definition of “role play”

Imagine being able to play GTA Online and behave like you do in real life. Basically, take a job, buy a house or become a police officer. You can do all of this in GTA RP.

RP stands for Roleplay and refers to the fact that players take on the role of a fictional character who lives in a virtual world. In this world, information acquired outside of the game is not relevant and may not be used in the game. The player creates and embodies his character himself and then lives in the virtual world in Grand Theft Auto. GTA (Grand Theft Auto) is a realistic game that is good for RP.

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Instructions: How to create a GTA RP server

Discover our easy-to-follow guide to creating a server. Create your own server with ease – find out more:

Mods for GTA RP servers

If you run a roleplay server, you can download mods here.


Beware of servers, who charge money for game content. This is forbidden and you can report these servers by contacting [email protected].
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GTA RP streams

The difference between RP and “Gambo”

Danger: server like FinalCity, HopeV or Immortal NO RP servers, but Gambo servers*

Simply explained again… What is what?

GTA Roleplay

  • GTA Roleplay refers to a style of gameplay in which players take on the roles of fictional characters and act in a simulated virtual world. Players assume the identity of their character, interact with others in the game world, carry out role-playing actions and create their own story within the game environment.
  • Players are encouraged to follow the rules of the role-playing game and develop their characters according to the scenario. This may include obeying laws, living a specific role (e.g. cop, criminal, paramedic), and creating realistic interactions with other characters.
  • Most GTA Roleplay servers have a community with clear rules and regulations to promote the roleplaying experience and ensure that players take the scenario seriously.

Gambo (Random Deathmatch, excessive weapon use and FailRP)

“Gambo” (a slang term) describes other behavior in GTA Online or GTA Roleplay servers that is not role-playing and may impact the gaming experience.
Random Deathmatch (RDM) refers to the random and inappropriate killing of other players without a clear reason or outside of the game's mechanics.
Excessive weapon use refers to the frequent and inappropriate use of weapons in situations where it is not appropriate or necessary.
FailRP refers to situations in which players disregard the role-playing rules or the logic of the scenario, for example by using information that they should not have in the game.

Frequently asked questions about GTA RP

We have summarized the most important questions about RP:

GTA RP stands for Grand Theft Auto Roleplay.
It is a game mode in which players take on the role of fictional characters and live and interact in a virtual world.

To play GTA RP, you need a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V and a valid GTA Online account. You then have to do the required ones mods and download and install extensions to use RP mode. Here you can find our FiveM server list

Yes, playing GTA RP is free. However, you will need a copy of Grand Theft Auto V and a stable internet connection to play.

Yes, in GTA RP you can create your own characters. You can customize their name, appearance, personality and backstory.

Yes, there are rules in GTA RP that are set by the server administrators. Most servers have strict rules regarding behavior and interaction between players.

There are many different GTA RP servers that have different focuses and play styles. Some of the most well-known servers are, for example NoPixels, Eclipse RP, and The Family RP. Here you will find all the good servers summarized

To join a GTA RP server, you usually need to register on the server's website and submit an application. If your application is accepted, you will receive an invitation to the server. Check out our FiveM server list


Is the GTA RP hype over?

The GTA RP hype has been at its peak in recent years as more and more players and content creators jumped on the bandwagon and focused on the FiveM-Mod servers gathered. But is this hype now over?

Although it is true that the hype surrounding GTA RP has died down somewhat in recent months, It's too early to say the hype is completely over. There are still many players playing on GTA RP servers and the community is still strong. Maybe better times will come again.

The reasons? Some possible reasons for the decline in hype could be market saturation, an oversupply of RP servers, or simply a natural decrease in attention. Another factor could be the increasing popularity of other games such as Among Us or Rust.

Despite this, there are still many reasons why GTA RP is still a popular game. The ability to create and play a virtual character in a living world is still very attractive. GTA RP also offers an incredibly diverse opportunity to create your own stories while meeting friends and having fun.

Overall, it can be said that the GTA RP hype may have died down a bit, but the community and passion of the players are still there and there are still many reasons why GTA RP is still a game that many people are excited about.

The GTA Roleplay Phenomenon: The Hype Behind It Revealed

Even after eight years, GTA V remains one of the most popular games on Twitch. Well-known streamers such as xQc, MontanaBlack and others rely on the title from Rockstar Games.

Grand Theft Auto V has been one of the most popular categories on Twitch for months. Although the game itself is a real hit, some Twitch users may be wondering how an eight-year-old title can still be so popular. The reason for this is the streamers who play a role-playing mode and not the standard game.

But what do you do once you're on a server? Then you create a character with a suitable backstory and slip into the role of a non-player character (NPC) in GTA V. Players can, for example, slip into the role of a business manager, join the police or fire department, or as a taxi driver transport other users and much more. There are no limits to your imagination as long as the character fits into the game universe. As the game progresses, the character's story, his characteristics and relationships with other players continue to develop.

Always follow the rules! In particular, anyone who wants to take part in one of the coveted exclusive rounds has to prove their role-playing talent. There are also strict rules to follow. For example, you cannot play OOC (out of character), kill other players, or share in-game information with others via other media outside of GTA V.

Félix “xQc” Lengyel is considered one of the most famous GTA RP streamers. In the game, the Canadian takes on the role of Jean Paul, a French criminal. Jean Paul has a penchant for speeding and is often stopped on the highway.

Role-playing is also becoming a growing phenomenon in Germany. Marcel “MontanaBlack” Eris recently started his first GTA RP stream and immediately surpassed the viewership of the “Just Chatting” category. Eris asked his fans what role he should play, and out of over 1,600 responses, he chose to portray a drug addict and make the online servers unsafe.

To be able to play GTA5 RP…

... you need a PC version of GTAV, FiveM, Teamspeak, SaltyChat and Discord.