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We want your island to expand. Roleplay is a new form of modern computer games. We want to establish this game format and help you make your server big. That's why we decided to publish the most valuable tips to give you help on how you can make your GTA 5 RP server better known.

We use this for this FiveM mod. This client is a mod for the well-known game Grand Theft Auto V, with which you can create your own servers. Built on years of development of the framework, which has existed in various forms since 2014, FiveM is the original community-driven and sourced GTA V multiplayer modification project.

Facebook advertising in FiveM groups

The following groups exist to promote your FiveM server:

You can introduce your server in these groups. Make sure you show off your server (via video or pictures). Arouse interest among the players, for example with unique maps or scripts. Show this and all that, what makes your server special.

Enter your server in server lists

Server lists can be found here, for example:

You are welcome to add your server to our server list. If you would like to have your German FiveM server added to our list, we hereby offer you: to register your server here. You benefit from extra advertising for your GTA server and you only have to pay a one-off amount to register, as there is a small administrative expense of €29.99. If you are interested, just click the button to add your server to the list!

Poaching is not an option

Poaching players is generally not a good thing and is definitely not recommended, because it does not mean that other projects necessarily mean quality for your own server. Players who have been poached think that they have a better position “on the new island” because they “already know each other anyway”. As a result, IC/OOC experiences are often mixed and the meta-danger increases. Metagaming means colluding outside of the game, and that is exactly what should be avoided. At best, your server offers the opportunity to get to know each other new and not to reunite with old friends - although you can of course let friends play on your server.

FiveM servers advertise

If you want to promote FiveM Server, think about what you want to achieve and then start working on it. Build sustainably and not in the short term. Register your server anywhere and gain player numbers.

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