QBCore / QBus Framework

QBus, also called QBCore, is a private role-playing framework for FiveM. It is based on ESX and is very similar to it. It is also called “QB” or “QBCore”.

Words from the qbCore team

“We are a community of qb-core framework users who have decided to share the work we have done so far. We welcome all pull requests and issues that advance the development phase! The main goal of this project is to make the framework as easy to use as possible, even for new developers. As we move forward, we expect to see a lot of good content in each repository with detailed readme files and wikis! As already mentioned, this Github is based on a COMMUNITY qb-core project and we do not own any rights to the framework, nor do we claim ownership of it. All rights are reserved to the original creator of the framework and we just want to thank you! We hope we can do you justice and take the framework to new heights!”

qbcore logo

Advantages of QBCore

  • more optimized and up-to-date than ESX Framework
  • like ESX, but more optimized/stable
  • There are now many QBCore Scripts
  • No database dependency for static data such as items, orders, vehicles, etc.
  • Uses MySQL2
  • Easily accessible and highly expandable player metadata
  • A surfeit of scripts for great role-playing interactions
  • Contemporary scripting for the FiveM platform
  • Continuous development and consideration of community feedback
  • Regular review of issues/pull requests
  • Easy setup via txAdmin Remote URL: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/qbcore-framework/txAdminRecipe/main/qbcore.yaml 2.3k

Download QBCore scripts

There are recommended scripts for QBCore here:


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