Buy FiveM servers

Buy FiveM Server – How does it work?

Creating a FiveM server is not easy. Scripting or programming in particular is difficult. However, you can buy a ready-made FiveM server (Template Server)

Yes, that is possible. There are manufacturers who produce finished servers and then sell them. These are mostly bugfree to 99.99% and run stable with over 200+ players.

Do you want your GTA5 RP server to be of high quality, where players can experience something unique and individual? There are ready-made templates that you can buy.

Other helpful tips

You can find finished servers for FiveM on the following sites, among others:

Offer your players something cool

There are many default servers that you can download for free. Even with the txAdmin installation, there is already a standard server. But are these advisable?

The answer: it all depends. Do you want to "do it all" yourself and find out for yourself how something works? Then you can too create your own server.

Danger: However, if you're looking for a ready-made server that's ready to go, you should consider shelling out some money and buying one. This is definitely more advisable and your players will definitely thank you for it. Experience has shown that servers that use a template server (i.e. a server template) are more successful!

What to watch out for

Pay attention to the framework! There is ESX and qbCore. What are you doing better with? Choose it or read which one is more suitable for you.

buy no way privately via Discord or via Tebex, because experience has shown that most scammers are active there, buyer protection (or a guarantee) is usually not included here. So be very careful who you get your content from.

Be sure to check the price too. Never pay more than €250! Anything under €40 is also dubious.

Advantages of buying a FiveM server

  • Everything is ready, you just have to translate it
  • The server has been well tested and works perfectly
  • You can still easily extend the template
  • Everything is already there, like jobs/cars/maps