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Difficulty level: Easy | Duration: 10-30 min

This guide is regularly maintained & updated. Updated: 21.05.2024

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    To one GTA 5 Roleplay Server on FiveM To create a RP server on FiveM, you need some technical know-how. This article describes the steps to create an RP server on FiveM. For the basics, you can use a framework that is the most popular and used by many servers. There are ESX and qbCore for this. No matter which framework you use, the creation of a FiveM server is always the same.

    A notice: This guide was created for newbies.
    If you already run a server, You can of course download scripts.


    Server Templates

    If you don't have any programming knowledge or don't have the time to set up your own server, you can also use a ready-made template. A recommended template is available here, which already contains many basic functions.


    • No programming knowledge required
    • Over 10+ ready-to-use job scripts
    • All jobs on whitelist
    • Premium maps already included
    • One-time payment (no subscription!)
    • So you save a lot of time & money!

    ESX Server Template – pre-built server

    Download directly!

    Guaranteed Low price for a short time. One-time price. No subscription!

    This price is currently only valid for a short time. So it pays to be quick.

    We offer you here a basic version of an ESX serverthat you can use. Basic functions required for a GTA5 RP server on FiveM are already present.

    Including refund guarantee (according to our terms and conditions) 💡

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Great pack, works well, thank you Anonymous

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I installed it and it runs fine, I just changed a few things. M.

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Thanks for the super fast help. A

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Awesome, thanks for the nice support and further help C

    Bank robbery script
    Business robbery script
    RP chat
    Addon account
    it plugin mysql
    MySQL database included
    Style menu
    Company script
    finished vehicle shop
    Los Santos Customs Scripts
    Tune vehicles
    Police reports (drug deals, vehicle theft, shots, robbery)
    Trunk Script
    Banking System Script
    Licenses (car, motorcycle etc)
    DMV/Driver's License Office Script
    Gun shop
    Money laundering script
    Drug scripts (including sales)
    Cayo Perico 😎✨

    Premium mods
    Gun Control
    Admin panel controllers

    So you hardly have to worry about the basics anymore, which saves you a few hours of work because we have already integrated some things here.

    We currently offer the package in English. So you still have to translate and adapt it if you create a German server.

    log in and we are happy to help you! 🙂
    We can also help with questions about installation or maintenance!


    The resources are from a stable ESX version. Of course you have to/should load the Artifacts server files from CFX, which are updated every few days:
    But the scripts all work perfectly!

    If you have problems with map textures, simply remove the Cayo-Perico map or FiveM Map Increase visibility


     With this server pack it is possible a lot easier to get started. There are also other packages from other providers!


    How to install a FiveM server

    1. Create a new directory

      • Example: D:\FXServer\server. This directory is used for the server.
    2. Download the latest version of the FiveM artifacts server

    3. Extract the data

      • Extract the downloaded data into the created directory (D:\FXServer\server).
    4. Download and unpack cfx-server-data

      • Loading cfx-server-data and unzip it into a new folder.
      • Example: D:\FXServer\server-data.
    5. Create a server.cfg file

      • Create one server.cfg File in folder server data.
      • Example of a configuration file: example server.cfg.
    6. Generate a new FiveM Server Key

    7. Set the server license in the server.cfg

      • Paste the generated license key into the server.cfg Add file:
        sv_licenseKey "hereTheLicense"
    8. Turn on the server

      • Navigate to the server data folder and start the server.



    If you use the pack from above, you don't have to force all the steps. It is important that the server has a correct key. If you want the server to be accessible from outside, enable the ports, otherwise friends won't be able to join.

    Once you have set up the server, you can get down to business: Install ESX (everything is done with the pack). To do this, you set up a database and run the .sql. Then you start ESX and have a base for your server.

    You can get various jobs in... Download and add FiveM Forum. A lot is finished, but often buggy or not necessarily usable. That's why it's worth getting to grips with it technically!

    You can find the admin commands for ESX here.

    Instructions for Zaphosting

      1. Load all the data from the “resources” folder into your Zaphosting “resources” folder.

      1. Open the .SQL file included in an editor/notepad.

      1. Go to “Find and Replace” and replace all “essentialmode” with your database name. It looks like this: “zap-xxx123”.

      1. Upload the SQL (import).

      1. Change your Server.cfg to Zaphosting. Only include the “start” or “ensure” lines that activate the resources.

      1. Start the server. Complete!

    Tips for recommended FiveM scripts

    Are you and your server team looking for new scripts for your roleplay server? Then here's a list for you, because we have the best tips for new sources of scripts!

      • Tebex shops from good scripters

    If you want, you can upload the server you created to ours FiveM server list have it registered. This will help you reach more people, especially when players google your server name, they will find your project on our website and can use it to join your Discord! Click on the button for more information.

    2. Add new FiveM mods

    Your player will quickly get bored. But that's not bad. You can discover many new resources that are already programmed. Check out our FiveM Scripts subpage for more information!


    Oh yes: Don't you have a host for your FiveM server yet? Use our partner Hostunlimited for vServer hosting to ensure a stable server!

    Easily create your GTA5 RP server today. We hope you enjoy GTA Roleplay on your own project!

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