FiveM thread hitch warning – solution

FiveM thread warning

Hello dear people of the FiveM Community,

do you have a server and the problem with...

server thread hitch warning: timer interval of …
sync thread hitch warning: timer interval

chrome z9BkFuQ7CI
Thread hitch warnings in the server console are annoying!

Then we have the solution here.

The reason for the warnings

In simple words: This error is caused by not optimizing Scripts causes that take a very long time to load. The reasons may vary, but we will give you some solutions that you can try. We know that FiveM Server Hitch warnings are frustrating.

The fix for the hitch warnings

There are several solutions you can try, it really depends on the case by case.

Check the server hardware

You need a server with a good CPU and RAM. Open the task manager and check whether there is still enough CPU performance and RAM. Check the CPU model and see whether it is compatible with FiveM and not too weak.

Check scripts with server profile

Go to txAdmin server console and enter

profiler record 500 (this takes a moment)
profiler save xyz (to save)
profiler view xyz

You will receive a link that allows you to check your resource times and see exactly which script is taking a long time to load. Open this link with Google Chrome.

Delete incorrect scripts

Have you discovered the FiveM mod that takes a lot of time? The one causing these problems? Then it's time to optimize the script or delete it.

Simply deactivate it via server.cfg or delete the folder. Or both.

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