Proper roleplay requires certain rules. Many GTA Roleplay servers therefore prohibit the so-called Power RP (also called Power Roleplay). But what exactly is that?

What is PowerRP?

Power RP means something like: the imposition of one's own action, without giving him any way out. When you roleplay someone and force them to do something that is fatal to your life - without giving them any decision-making power.

In actions (IC) do not give “Player B” any real opportunity to act (e.g. if you give someone two choices: choose death by jumping off a cliff, or “receive” death by a shot in the head). “Player B” should be given an opportunity to protect his life in a situation. However, this does not apply if “Player B” had to deal with a dangerous RP situation in advance and tries to evade the consequences of his action afterwards.

What is typical here is that a player wants to impose his action and the effect/reaction on another player.

Example of Power RP

An example would be the following scenario: Max attacks Tom and takes him to a bridge. Max aims at Tom's head and orders him to jump and die. Max threatens to shoot Tom if he refuses. So he has no choice but to die - because both situations have death as the end situation.

What does this show us? Power RP is unfair and gives the other player no other choice. This makes the other player feel offended and their enjoyment of the game hurt. It is therefore important to avoid breaking this roleplay rule.

Note: Always give the other person a choice. Never lead him into situations that are hopeless for him and his future.

More roleplay rules from FiveRP is here.

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