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LS News

Trucker oil refinery job

Careers and jobs on Five-RP

There is a huge selection of professions and activities on Five-RP. Here is something for everyone. You can become anything here, from a life-saving medic to a crime-hunting police officer. But our legal system is still looking for employees. Prosecutors, judges and lawyers for citizens would be a great asset. But criminal groups are also looking for new [...]

GTA 5 RP Server Bingo Night

Bingo evening on February 23rd

Today there was a successful BINGO evening at http://www.fiverp.de/. With a lot of fun and excitement, the relaxed game was well received by many fellow citizens and it proved to us that BINGO is not just for old people. There was laughter, shouting and clapping. One thing is certain, that wasn't the last evening. As always, happy too

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