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December 12, 2023



FinalCity is the FiveM server (Gambo) by Mr Bitcoin (AboGoku) and Breitenberg.

Enter the exciting world of FinalCity, a unique FiveM server created by the popular streamer Mr. Bitcoin, also known as AboGoku. Based on the popular game GTA, FinalCity offers an expanded role-playing experience that goes far beyond the limitations of the original game. Welcome to the Breitenberg RP Server!

Attention – FinalCity is a Pay2Win server, which is intended to encourage people to spend money in order to acquire more possessions. This business practice is not allowed.

Be careful of the server - there is a lot of gambling and little roleplay here. – We recommend using a real RP server instead.

Have fun on the server. It is perfect if you are looking for a Gambo server and Pay2Win server.

Video: “Finalcity is hungry for money”

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