FinalCity is the FiveM server (Gambo) by Mr Bitcoin (AboGoku) and Breitenberg.

Enter the exciting world of FinalCity, a unique FiveM server created by the popular streamer Mr. Bitcoin, also known as AboGoku. Based on the popular game GTA, FinalCity offers an expanded role-playing experience that goes far beyond the limitations of the original game. Welcome to the Breitenberg RP Server!

Attention – FinalCity is a Pay2Win server, which is intended to encourage people to spend money in order to acquire more possessions. This business practice is not allowed.

Be careful of the server - there is a lot of gambling and little roleplay here. – We recommend using a real RP server instead.

Have fun on the server. It is perfect if you are looking for a Gambo server and Pay2Win server.

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Frequently asked questions about the server

FinalCity belongs to Abugoku, Rohat, Corleone and a fourth unknown.

Yes, FinalCity is a pay-to-win server, meaning players can spend money to gain an advantage and acquire more possessions. It is important to note that this business practice does not suit all players.

FinalCity is perfect for players looking for a "Gambo server" and a pay-to-win server. Players looking for that kind of experience will have a lot of fun on FinalCity.

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