FiveM Nopixel Server

Nopixel RP is a GTA 5 RP server developed by Koil and other developers and contributors. The server runs on the FiveM mod released in 2015. It contains custom code created by various people like Koil, GTAWiseGuy, Gabz and others.

We'll show you how to get whitelisted on Nopixel.


About Nopixel

Originally founded and opened in 2017, Nopixel is one of the largest English FiveM servers for GTA Roleplay.

The whitelist is pay2play (you have to pay to play). Nopixel writes on its website: Please pay attention to the forums and the information given there. Donors still have to apply as normal, they will just be processed more quickly. If you pass the application process, it may still take some time before you can join the server.

The main idea of roleplaying is to talk, interact and act as the character you play! This means that every action in the game is carried out by your character. The idea behind Nopixel is to create an immersive experience where players and viewers alike can experience stories and situations that are essentially another world. You can find Nopixel’s official website at

Well-known Nopixel streamers

The biggest streamers on Nopixel are: xQc, Jean Pierre, Blaustoise, Zerkaa, Farmhouse78, VindiceLive, Zee_RP, YoinksOG and Aaoki.

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