Roesti fries

We are a Fivem Roleplay Server called RoestiPommes.
We are a community-oriented RP server and try to implement all community wishes and suggestions.
Player! Everyone has been or is a player on a FiveM server, and as players we were tired of being told again and again that this and that couldn't be implemented or that it would cost too much and involve too much work.
In principle, our goal is that the community feels comfortable and that the focus is on having fun and not on your wallet.
Each server consists of a base it starts with Jobscreator, Farmingcreator, Robberycreator and much more, the things mentioned offer opportunities to create jobs, routes and raids etc. in a short time without any costs.
The things mentioned above are things we take for granted, and are based on the concept that the community is the most important thing about a server.

If you want to be a part of it and you feel the same way then come to our Discord server and become a part of the RoestiPommes community.

The Discord server is linked below.

What we are currently looking for:
|・More players
|・Players capable of RP
|・Adults welcome
|・Streaming partner
|・Heads full of ideas

What we can offer you:
|・Lots of cars, boats, helicopters and planes
|・Many activities, jobs, routes and hidden things
|・Requests and script suggestions are welcome and implemented
|・New content every month
|・Regular events
|・Lots of giveaways
|・Many Custom Mlos
|・No Gambo and 3 hours of troller protection (applies to new players)
|・Good performance
|・24/7 support

And much more…

We hope we were able to convince you to come and visit us.

Discord Invite ↬

Kind regards, Prince Markus and Alpha

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