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December 19, 2023

Rush Hour Roleplay

Rush Hour Roleplay

Experience an unprecedented roleplay experience on Rush Hour. Our roleplay server offers a wide range of functions, a wide-ranging system with many scripts, a wide range of options to choose from in the city. Land and start your story with us, increase your skills, build friendships and a family. Meet new people to bring into your business. Grow rich, grow big!

Benefit from a realistic economy with almost realistic prices, a balanced weapon system, unique ways to earn money and free opening of your faction.

Establish yourself in a variety of professions:

🏥 Do you like saving lives and people's health is important to you? Start your career as a doctor, nothing is more important than human life, you are an important person!

🚔 Are you fed up with the unrest in the city and want to enforce law and order? You can get started as a police officer, an important job, we need you!

Human life and law and order mean nothing to you? Then run out onto the streets and start building a career as a gangster. Show the city who you are. Regardless of whether you become a mafia boss, all paths are open to you when it comes to starting a family.

Currently wanted!

The state administration of Rush Hour is currently looking for management level in the area of MD and PD. Active personnel in the Rush Hour team are also being sought, for example as a supporter or moderator. Do you have what it takes? Then apply and become part of the state. Without gangs, mafias and families, the police and doctors in the city have nothing to do, you can take care of that! Build your family now, completely free of charge, and receive a property and faction cars provided by the state. You didn't read it wrong, completely free!

Have we convinced you 😉?

Then don't let us wait long for you and join our Discord to find out all the further information. Our