Build ServerRTC for GCPHONE (OneSync) – Server Tutorials

Build ServerRTC for GCPHONE (OneSync) - Server Tutorials


Hello everybody,
Today I will show you how to create a ServerRTC for the GCPHONE.
I warn in advance, sorry if my English is not perfect: '(

Windows : Thanks to @Kullweet for Windows

First step :


or in relation to your operating system


Second step :

Open the “PowerShellAs an administrator.
As soon as the "PowerShell” will open, enter each of the commands with the information you want to enter:
cd C: Users
$ env: USERS = “user = password USERNAMEHERE = PASSWORDHERE”
$ env:UDP_PORT=3478

Once this is done all you have to do is:
CD location of the file.exe” that you downloaded previously
then typed:
. simple-turn-windows-amd64.exe" or ". simple-turn-windows-386.exe”Depending on the one you downloaded.

Normally you will not receive a message, but you will no longer be able to write to the “Powershell”. If this is the case, it is because your ServerRTC is running.


step 1

apt-get install coturn

Level 2

I recommend you start the following command in a “screen” dedicated to the coturn

Rotate screen -S

level 3

turnserver –listening-port 12779 –listening-ip SERVERIP –user USERHERE: PASSWORDHERE –real –verbose

And in the gcphone configuration it gives you

“UseWebRTCVocal”: true,
“RTCConfig”: {
“IceServers”: [{
“urls”: [“turn:SERVERIP:12779”],
“Username”: “USER”,
“Credential”: “PASSWORD”

You can test your turn server here:

Click on the 3 bars above and enter your server information.


And enter the information here

Now press the “START” button

If it gives you this, it's because your server is working.


You may even see messages like this on your ServerRTC console:



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