FiveRP update in September 2023

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Dear players,

As you have already noticed in the last few weeks, we have set up a second server in the background, which corresponds 1:1 to our current one, but is completely updated.
This server is currently being prepared for a final update tomorrow morning.
All player data is transferred 1:1.

We will update you immediately on the progress and keep you up to date here in this post.

Here is an overview of the most important adjustments and changes:

  1. Qb core system fully updated.
  2. QB jobs completely reworked.
  3. Bug in the F8 Console completely fixed, no longer shows errors.
  4. New chat design integrated.
  5. Airport MLO completely completed.
  6. A new entry script has been added.
  7. Entrants cannot leave the airport building and will be deported back if they slip out.
  8. Entry requires an IC cardwhitelistbefore they can leave the building.
  9. Inactive resources have been removed from the system.
  10. Added new clothing for the MD.
  11. New drugs created and made functional, including diazepam, ibuflam, etc., with different effects.
  12. A new dispatch system was introduced.
  13. MDT (In-Character File System) integrated for MD and PD.
  14. Smartphone update, including racing script (currently only for admins, like Salva & Fry, to create racing tracks).
  15. Added DJ script, job bound and placeable in different locations.
  16. The lumberjack job is new to the game.
  17. LSPD auto-location built in.
  18. Towing now works not only on cars, but also on motorcycles.
  19. New RP emotes have been added, including working keybinding.
  20. Introduced a new radial menu (F1) alongside the spike radial menu (F2).
  21. Hypnonema is available again, but only for admins to use.
  22. Old blips have been removed.
  23. New MD vehicles are now in the game.
  24. A new loading screen has been implemented.
  25. Imported vehicles have been added and their handling optimized.
  26. The second floor of the car dealership now offers parking spaces for exhibitions and more.
  27. A Tablet Police website has been launched to allow players to apply via tablet.

As soon as the update is complete, you can simply search for the server under “FiveRP” and get back into the game. We will notify you immediately as soon as everything is ready.

Finally, we would like to thank all of our players and testers. You are the best! 💚

Kind regards, the server team

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