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News from the team

Team FiveRP

FiveM web design

Here you can find FiveM Devs

Hey guys, so you're looking for the geniuses behind FiveM, the incredible multiplayer phenomenon that has taken the GTA V scene by storm? Well, you've come to the right place! Let me introduce you to the world of FiveM developers and show you who the minds behind this fascinating project are. FiveM is not just a […]

fiverp banner ts

FiveRP update in September 2023

Dear players, as you have already noticed in the last few weeks, we have set up a second server in the background, which corresponds 1:1 to our current one, but is completely updated. This server is currently being prepared so that it will be finally updated tomorrow morning. All player data is transferred 1:1. We will update you immediately about the progress

FiveRP wallpapers

A message from FiveRP

It's no secret that FiveRP has had to overcome many challenges in the past before having to close its doors. The reasons for this were varied, but at the core were team problems and the presence of traitors in the team. Today we would like to take a look at the history of FiveRP and share the hope that a reopening of the

Photoshop kaxESqs1U9

Will FiveRP reopen? The future of the popular server

In August 2022, the extremely popular FiveM Roleplay server, FiveRP, was shut down. The reasons for this decision are outlined in another post that we have linked here. Since then, the community has been wondering whether FiveRP will ever reopen. In this article we want to take a closer look at this question and show how uncertain it is

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Real_Bazzi permanently banned from Twitch

Dear Twitch community and roleplay fans, we have sad news to announce: The popular streamer Real_Bazzi has been permanently banned by Twitch. Some of you may remember that we wrote about him a few weeks ago praising his great work as a streamer. Unfortunately, we now have to report that he was arrested for a violation of


Why poaching servers will never be successful

Hello dear RP fans, today we would like to dedicate ourselves to a sensitive topic that has cropped up again and again at FiveRP over the last three years: poaching servers. Of the ten poaching servers, only one survived. In this article we would like to explain to you why this is the case and give you a better understanding of it. Reason #1: Acquaintances from previous ones

Your support is needed!

FiveRP is financed by donations. Since we incur very high monthly costs, we rely on donations. Among other things, we bear costs for: - Operating several dedicated servers (for FiveM gaming servers, TS servers, websites, forums, etc.) - Licenses for Teamspeak & FiveM - Paid scripts & maps - Maintenance costs for servers - Costs for bots and additional . Third party programs – future ones

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