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  • Loading screen

    Adjusted premium loading screen

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    Original price was: 41,65 €.Current price is: 26,18 €. Add to cart

    Freely customizable loading screen for FiveM Server. Choose:

    • add your logo
    • Background video freely selectable (YouTube)
    • own text
    • Insert music as MP3

    You can change everything in the .HTML file. We have written the necessary comments for you and you will see them in green font when you enter the data Notepad++ open!

  • Clothing package

    FiveM Clothing Pack

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    Original price was: 71,39 €.Current price is: 47,59 €. Add to cart

    FiveM Premium Clothing Pack

    After purchase you will receive a PDF with a generated download link.

  • Anticheat

    FiveM Premium Anticheat

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  • Server package

    FiveM Server Template (Package)

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  • Telephones

    gcPhone / Crewphone (SaltyChat version)

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    FiveM gcPhone / Crewphone for SaltyChat

    gcPhone SaltyChat


    • designed in iPhone style
    • Crypto market
    • Banking with bank history
    • WhatsApp and Twitter with Emojis 🤗😎😍
    • UBER (part-time job)
    • Dark Net (Deep Web)
    • News app (for news reporters)
    • YouTube app
    • gcPhone for SaltyChat Voice


    If the .sql import fails, create the database entries one by one and delete the existing tables from the old phone!
    If the phone doesn't generate a number, you need to add this to the es_extended client onplayer spawn function:

    TriggerServerEvent('crew:onPlayerLoaded', GetPlayerServerId(PlayerId()))

  • GTA 5 mods

    GTA 5 Ultimate Vehicle Pack

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    Original price was: 117,81 €.Current price is: 58,31 €. Add to cart

    Are you looking for a car mod pack for GTA 5 but not sure which one? At this moment we offer to download the vehicle mod pack created by GTA 5 modders below.

  • FiveM

    Premium police vehicles [26 vehicles]

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    Original price was: 111,86 €.Current price is: 61,88 €. Add to cart

    Introducing: the entire fleet of the New Carolina Police Department (premium police vehicles for FiveM) – ​​a complete set of 26 high-performance vehicles, designed to improve your FiveM gaming experience!

    With a range of stylish and powerful cars, SUVs and trucks, this car pack is perfect for all your police needs. Each vehicle is meticulously detailed with high-quality textures, realistic lighting and precise handling to provide an immersive and exciting gaming experience.

    Whether you're patrolling the streets, chasing criminals, or responding to emergency situations, the New Carolina Police Department's entire fleet is here for you. About the nimble and maneuverable patrol cars until to the robust and durable SUVs, each vehicle has been specially developed to meet the demands of modern police work.

    So why settle for less when you can have the best? Upgrade your FiveM game today with the New Carolina Police Department Entire Fleet - the ultimate collection of vehicles for the ultimate gaming experience!

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