Experience the authentic Hamburg flair on our server Reeperbahn.Life! 🌟

Immerse yourself in a world full of excitement, adventure and possibilities that only Reeperbahn.Life can offer you. Our roleplay server brings the unique Hamburg setting straight to your home and lets you experience the pulsating atmosphere of the famous Reeperbahn up close. But that's not all - discover the idyllic Schleswig-Holstein in the north of the island and play the north again. 20 citizens have already been romping about on our server in the Prime since our release at the end of March this year and there are more every week. Are you there too?

What makes Reeperbahn.Life so special? 🏙️

📖 No annoying rule queries. We all know the RP rules. Just a quick introduction on Discord, then you get your whitelist role and can get started.

🚖 Realistic economy: Our server places great emphasis on a realistic economic simulation. Earn your money legally or illegally and rise from a small-time street gangster to a respected businessman. The possibilities are endless!

🏢 Attention to detail: Every detail has been carefully designed to give you an immersive gaming experience. Explore the island's vibrant city center with its iconic buildings and immerse yourself in the picturesque landscape of Schleswig-Holstein in the north. Enjoy the attention to detail we have put into every aspect of our server.

💼 Extensive equipment: Whether you play as a police officer, firefighter, doctor or gang member - we have an extensive selection of equipment for all factions. Use high-quality vehicles, weapons and tools to perfectly fill your role and enjoy the game to the fullest.

🤝 Community: At Reeperbahn.Life, the focus is on the players. Join an active and friendly community, make new friends and experience unforgettable adventures together with other players. Our dedicated team ensures that there is a respectful and entertaining atmosphere on the server.

🎉 Do you want to join us? We are still looking for team members to support us. Whether in support, as a member of the development team or in administrative tasks. If you are keen to support a growing project, then we want you!

📱 What are you waiting for? Join the Reeperbahn.Life family and experience the most exciting roleplay adventure you've ever had! Visit our Discord to get more information and secure your place on the server today. The Reeperbahn is calling!


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