Insane RP

Good day,
We at Insane RP would like to invite you to our server.
Our server is 18 years and older.
That's why we have a whitelist so you just have to come to support for a quick chat.
what we offer
an extensive mini-job system which you can sometimes complete up to 4 times.
State factions (PD, MD, judiciary) including an extensive criminal justice system
A special repair & tuning system as well as racer mechanics for our speed fans
All vehicles have been revised.
Start your own company and present your concept to us
Some unoccupied companies that are still looking for operators. (List will be published in Discord)
Buy one of the gas stations or run it 24/7.
Crime activities are also taken care of. Let yourself be surprised
Apartments. You have to live somewhere.
What we are working on
Expand Crime (exciting things follow here)
More jobs
Casino, fitness center, future kart track, a fairground with rides on the peer.
We continue to search
Civil Servants (especially as MD & Judiciary)
Workshop operator
Supermarket operator
tattoo artist
And of course you are also in demand. Express your wishes and we will see whether they fit into the server concept.
Let's build a sophisticated RP community together. We look forward to seeing you.

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