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Montanablack Minecraft Server

About the Montanablack Minecraft Server

The Minecraft hype cannot currently be overlooked in the German Twitch scene. The big streamers, including EliasN97, MontanaBlack and xRohat, have come together on one server in particular to experience adventures and challenge each other. But what exactly is behind the Montanablack Minecraft server?

This server has taken the German Twitch scene by storm and offers a unique opportunity for experienced streamers and newcomers to Minecraft to explore the world of the block game together. There is an exciting mix of experienced Minecraft players and newcomers who go on unique adventures together.

The most prominent streamers on the server:

Some of the best-known streamers in the German scene are represented on the Montanablack Minecraft server. Here is a list of the most prominent streamers on the server:

  • EliasN97 (Eligella): The largest Twitch streamer in Germany with an impressive number of viewers during his Minecraft streams. Although he had no previous experience with Minecraft, he bravely plunges into the adventure.

  • MontanaBlack: A veteran of Twitch and the streamer with the most followers in Germany. MontanaBlack is a complete newcomer to Minecraft, but is slowly finding his way into the game.

  • BastiGHG: One of the biggest Minecraft streamers in Germany and a legend in the scene. BastiGHG plays the role of “dad” for the newcomers on the server and gently introduces them to the world of crafting and building.

  • Niklas Wilson: Another Minecraft newbie who quickly found his way into the game and spends his time on the server mainly building houses.

  • Sidney Eweka: He is also a newbie to Minecraft who is dedicated to building houses. Within a short time he mastered the basics of the game.

  • xRohat: An experienced Minecraft player who often travels alone, but also likes to stir things up on the server and playfully mess with his colleagues.

  • HoneyPuu: Deeply rooted in Minecraft and known as an experienced player. She builds farms and likes to help out the newbies.

  • medideluxe: Another newcomer to Minecraft, but who quickly finds his way into the game. He quickly built a large property and enjoys going on adventures alone.

  • Rewinside: An absolute Minecraft professional who has already taken part in many projects in the scene. Among other things, he built the house for MontanaBlack and is dedicated to building and crafting.

  • xTheSolutionTV: A complete beginner who hasn't yet delved that deeply into Minecraft addiction. He mainly takes part in challenges and likes to bet on poison subs.

  • omedsuelo: He is also brand new to the Minecraft scene and still seems a bit lost, which makes the other streamers on the server laugh.

  • xFibii: The streamer stopped by the server, especially at the beginning of the hype, and caused a stir. She is now devoting herself to other projects, but it remains unclear whether she will come back to the server again.

Newbies and experienced Minecraft players:

On the Montanablack Minecraft server there is an interesting mix of streamers who have never played Minecraft before and those who already have experience in the game. The more experienced players gently help the newcomers and together they experience exciting adventures and challenges.

More projects in the Minecraft scene

In addition to the Montanablack Minecraft Server, there are also other fascinating projects in the German Minecraft scene. These include, for example, a server from the YouTubers StandartSkill and iCrimax as well as the large project Craft Attack 10, in which well-known Twitch stars such as Trymacs and Rewinside are involved.

The Montanablack Minecraft server has taken the German Twitch scene by storm and offers an entertaining way for experienced streamers and newcomers to Minecraft to experience adventures together. This unique mix of experienced players and Minecraft newbies provides exciting entertainment and shows the fascinating world of the block game in a new light. Stay tuned for the latest developments on this exciting server!


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