Review: Zaphosting – Our Experience

Our experience with Zaphosting

In this blog post we explain our experiences with ZapHosting, the leading provider of FiveM Server. We distinguish between several categories such as offer, support, stability and performance, as well as DDoS protection. Our experience is not paid advertising but our own opinion.

1. Zaphosting's offer

Zaphosting offers game servers for FiveM, Minecraft, Ark:Survival and many other games, Teamspeak servers, vServers, root servers, and web spaces. Here we will only focus on the FiveM server and vServer/Root server and share our experiences with you. Zaphosting's offering is large and is aimed primarily at small and medium-sized server providers. You can join test servers and you top up your account via prepaid to pay. You have the option to pay via PayPal, Paysafecard, instant bank transfer, yes, even Bitcoins are accepted.

Payment methods Zaphosting
Zaphosting’s payment methods

There are many payment options and a wide range. The servers are freely configurable and you can order exactly what you need. This is extremely practical and we like it.

2. The support

There is support via email, ticket system or live chat. There is a telephone hotline, but official support is not offered via it (according to our information). We haven't had much contact with support so far, but we can say: Support works well and there is even a Discord server specifically for Zaphosting customers.

3. The performance/stability

And now comes the most important thing: the stability of the server. Anyone who runs a server at Zaphosting receives a server that is stable and is an exclusive host for FiveM. Many customers share the server's resources, which is why there is increased traffic, especially on weekends, which should be taken into account. We have found that Zaphosting servers are well suited as test servers and are also absolutely sufficient as live servers for medium-sized projects, depending on which product you have booked.

4. DDoS protection

Zaphosting promises DDoS protection. But can you really protect yourself from DDoS with 100%? You cannot protect yourself 100 percent against DDoS attacks - but there is protection for the servers. If you have problems, you can contact the support team at any time and they will help you.

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