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January 20, 2024

Rent Palworld servers: Compare providers

Hello everyone.

If you want to play Palworld, the new survival hit, in online multiplayer, you might at some point come up with the idea of renting a server from providers like Nitrado. We will explain to you what you should pay attention to.

Since we as a community always get the question about which server hosters are best suited for Palworld, we're going to go through it together today.

This is Palworld

Palworld has only been available for a few days and is currently taking the gaming world by storm. If you want to experience this survival title with a touch of Pokémon elements together with other players online, you have various options available. A particularly convenient way to play in co-op mode with up to 32 players is to rent your own Palworld server.

Important NOTE: Dedicated servers are currently only available on PC via Steam. If you're playing on Xbox or want to use the Game Pass version on PC in online co-op mode, this is only possible with up to four players at the same time.

For up to 32 players: If you want to play with more than four people in a Palworld world, you will need your own dedicated server. In this article we provide an overview of Palworld multiplayer and explain what you should keep in mind (for example, there is no crossplay). You have two options to start your own Palworld server:

  1. Host a dedicated server yourself
  2. Rent a third-party Palworld server

Thats how it works

  1. Search your Steam library for “Palworld Dedicated Server Tool.”
  2. Launch the tool and select “Play Palworld Dedicated Server” to host a private server.

If you want to start a public server, select “Open and start as a community server”. You will then need to provide your IP address and port number to all players who want to play.

This is how we tested

Choosing the right Palworld hosting provider is a crucial step for anyone looking to rent a Palworld server. There are numerous providers out there, and the decision can often be overwhelming. To help you make this important decision, we focused on an in-depth review of three popular hosting companies:

  • survival servers,
  • Dathost
  • Host Unlimited

Our goal was to identify the best options in terms of speed, price and performance.

  1. speed: The speed of your Palworld server is of great importance to the gaming experience. We therefore carefully checked the loading times and availability of the hosting platforms tested. Survivalservers has proven to be a frontrunner because it offers fast loading times and almost 100%ige availability. Dathost and Host Unlimited also performed well, but had slightly longer loading times.

  2. Price: We understand that price plays a crucial role for you. We have therefore carefully compared the tariffs and packages from the three providers to ensure you get the best value for money. We found that Survivalservers also scored well in this category because it offers competitive pricing and flexible plan options. Dathost and Host Unlimited were similar in price but with different features and services in their packages.

  3. Performance: The performance of your hosting provider depends on various factors, including server stability, support quality and additional features. We tested the customer support of the three companies to ensure that you receive quick help if you have any problems or questions. In this regard, Survivalservers was able to impress again by offering first-class 24/7 support. Dathost and Host Unlimited also offered good support, but with slightly different approaches.

Ready? So, let's go.

Our place 1: Host-Unlimited 😍

When it comes to choosing a hosting provider for your Palworld server, the decision is often difficult. However, in our detailed test, we found one promising option that proves to be particularly attractive: Host Unlimited. This provider offers an impressive overall package of affordable price and stable server performance, making it a compelling choice.

  1. Price and performance: Host Unlimited initially impresses with its attractive price-performance ratio. It is important, especially for gaming enthusiasts, to find a hosting service that is affordable but still offers solid performance. Host Unlimited meets these needs by offering a competitive price for its services while providing remarkably stable server performance.

  2. Server latency: The latency of a server is a crucial factor for gamers as it has a direct impact on the gaming experience. In our gaming test, the Host Unlimited Server achieved a remarkably low latency of just 14 milliseconds (ms). This is an extremely positive value that allows for a smooth and almost lag-free gaming environment. Low latency is particularly important for real-time games like Palworld, where fast response times are essential.

  3. stability: In addition to latency, server stability is also crucial. A server that experiences frequent outages or connection problems can significantly impact the gaming experience. Host Unlimited is also solid in this regard by offering reliable server performance. In our tests, we didn't experience any significant downtime or connection issues, which is another strong argument in favor of this provider.

Your advantages…

  • German hosting company
  • 27 % promotional discount
  • Very fast servers
  • Price-performance is top

Overall, Host Unlimited offers an attractive overall package for Palworld players looking for a cost-effective solution with stable server performance. The remarkably low latency of just 14ms in our test shows that this provider takes the needs of gamers seriously and enables an optimal gaming experience. So if you're looking for a hosting service that offers good value for money and solid performance, Host Unlimited could be the right choice for you.

Survival servers

2nd place: Survivalservers

Our second place is “Survivalservers”. When it comes to finding the right hosting provider for your Palworld server, there is often no way around the English-language website Although the site is in English, it offers an impressive selection of game servers, including very popular Palworld servers. In our extensive testing, we found that this platform offers some compelling advantages.

  1. Large selection of servers: Survivalservers is a provider that offers a wide range of game servers. Particularly noteworthy here are the Palworld servers, which are very popular on this platform. The fact that they offer this special gaming option is a huge plus for Palworld enthusiasts.

  2. Fast NVMe SSDs: The speed and performance of a server often depend on the hardware behind it. Survivalservers relies on very fast NVMe SSDs, which makes it possible to process large amounts of data efficiently. This is especially important for Palworld, as the game can take up a lot of resources. Using NVMe SSDs helps ensure a smooth and fast gaming experience.

  3. High availability (uptime): One of the most important metrics for a hosting provider is server availability or uptime. Nobody wants to choose a server that constantly fails or has connection problems. In our tests, all of the servers we checked on ran without interruption and without stuttering. This is a strong indication of the reliability of this provider.

In summary, Survivalservers offers an impressive selection of game servers, including Palworld servers, which stand out due to their high performance and stable availability. The use of NVMe SSDs ensures a fast and smooth gaming experience, and the wide range of options available appeals to a wide range of gamers. If you are looking for a large provider with top-notch performance and high availability for your Palworld server, Survivalservers could be an excellent choice.

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3rd place: Dathost

When it comes to hosting game servers of any kind, Dathost is a platform that definitely deserves consideration. Although the website is in English, it offers an excellent selection of game servers and is very popular with many players. Nevertheless, we would like to note that Dathost takes third place in our rating, and there are reasons for this.

  1. Diverse selection of game servers: Dathost is known for its wide range of game servers that cover the needs of many gamers. No matter what game you want to host, chances are you'll find the right option here. This makes Dathost an attractive choice for gaming enthusiasts.

  2. Fast servers: The speed of a server is crucial to the gaming experience. In our testing, we found that Dathost offers fast servers that help ensure a smooth and smooth gaming experience. This is especially important if you want to host demanding games like Palworld.

  3. positive reviews: Dathost has earned a good reputation in the gaming community and has positive reviews from satisfied customers. This is a strong indication that many players are satisfied with the services offered.

However, we would like to point out that Dathost takes third place in our recommendation and this has to do with customer support. In our tests, we found that support was not always available quickly. This can be frustrating, especially if you have urgent questions or problems.

In conclusion, we can say that Dathost is a great game server hosting platform that is popular among many gamers due to its fast servers and positive reviews. However, we recommend it in third place because support does not always offer the desired availability. If you're willing to put up with occasional support delays, Dathost still offers a solid option for your hosting needs.

That's why Hostunlimited is our first choice

Host Unlimited emerged as our top choice for Palworld server hosting in our comparison. This provider offers the best overall package, combined with an attractive price and stable server performance. In our testing, Host Unlimited's server achieved a remarkably low latency of just 14ms, which is crucial for a smooth gaming experience. In addition to its excellent performance, Host Unlimited is a German hosting company, which can be a huge advantage for many players. In addition, the provider offers a generous promotional discount of 27%, which further improves the price-performance ratio. So if you are looking for a reliable and affordable Palworld server host, Host Unlimited is definitely the best option.

Using this information, you can ensure that your Palworld gaming community benefits from top-notch server performance without breaking the bank. Host Unlimited has emerged as our top contender and offers the best conditions for a first-class Palworld gaming experience.