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Technology tutorials

Saltychat installation

SaltyChat Installation – Detailed Instructions

In this step-by-step tutorial we will show you how to install SaltyChat and download and install Teamspeak. Text instructions Step 1: Download Teamspeak Step 2: Download SaltyChat Step 3: Install Teamspeak Step 4: Install SaltyChat Step 5: Set up SaltyChat Step 6: Use SaltyChat That's it! You have successfully installed SaltyChat and can now enjoy your gaming experience in GTA

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GTA RP Streaming: A Guide for New Streamers

[ez-toc] Section 1: Preparation 1.1 Choose a suitable streaming platform Choose a streaming platform that suits your goals and preferences. Popular platforms for GTA RP include Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming. Use keywords like “GTA RP streaming,” “GTA RP streaming platform,” or similar terms in your content. 1.2 Set up your streaming equipment professionally Make sure

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How to: Disable Direct Messages (Discord)

If you're on different Discord servers, you may have received direct messages. When it comes to direct messages, the question often arises as to how to deactivate them on Discord. Is there a setting to turn off messages from strangers and only allow direct messages from friends? If you have the same question, you can

Create DayZ servers

How do I create/rent a DayZ server?

You don't need much prior knowledge to create or rent a DayZ server. With a DayZ server you allow your players to play the way they want. DayZ also makes it possible to operate an RP server or play roleplay. Good or? We'll show you how it's done! No matter if you have a DayZ RP server,

Rent Zaphosting FiveM Server

Rent FiveM servers

Would you like to rent a FiveM server? Then you first need a good server hoster. For this we recommend our partner host Zap-hosting or HostUnlimited. FiveM is a modification for GTA 5 to create your own servers. The mod allows you to play on player-created servers or create a GTA5 RP server. With FiveM you have

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