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It's no secret that FiveRP has had to overcome many challenges in the past before having to close its doors. The reasons for this were varied, but at the core were team problems and the presence of traitors in the team. Today we would like to take a look at the history of FiveRP and share the hope that a reopening of the server is imminent.

FiveRP's past

FiveRP was once a very well-known server that attracted many players. Unfortunately, internal problems within the team and the presence of “rats” led to tensions that ultimately led to the closure of the server. The main problem was that there were too many wrong people in the team, which caused unrest and distrust.

The problems why FiveRP had to close

The team problems at FiveRP culminated in a variety of difficulties. There was a lot of hate, envy and other problems that burdened the team. Despite all efforts to clarify the situation, a group formed that opposed the attempted solution. Trust within the team was broken and the decision to close the server was made.

The path to reopening

In the last few months there have been many requests from players who miss the server and long to return. Interest is high and player numbers are sure to skyrocket once the server comes back online.

There is currently no decision as to whether FiveRP will be completely redesigned or whether old elements will be retained. The key factor will be building a team that is genuinely interested in FiveRP's success and willing to work together to deliver a fantastic gaming experience.


FiveRP's reopening is just around the corner, and it's now up to the community and a new team to return the server to the success it once enjoyed. The road may be rocky, but with the right attitude and collaboration, FiveRP can become a great place for players again.

Stay tuned and stay tuned: As soon as FiveRP reopens, every member will receive an email. Here is the chance to continue writing FiveRP's success story together.

We will inform you as soon as there is news about our project.

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