How to create a GTA Zombie Survival Roleplay Server?

FiveM Zombie Servers

To one GTA5 Zombie Survival RP Server To create on FiveM, you need some technical know-how. Here we use a framework called “Essentialmode Extended” – or ESX for short. It is the best-known framework on FiveM, and our server, FiveRP, is also based on it. With this framework you can create an entire RP server - or like here: even a zombie survival server.


  • a PC/server, depending on where the server is to be hosted.
  • a database, MySQL or MariaDB
  • basic LUA knowledge
  • Visual C++ 2019 (click to download)

Zombie Survival Server – Prebuilt Server Download

We offer you a basic version of a server that you can use. Basic functions required for a GTA5 RP server on FiveM are already present:

The server pack already includes:

  • Zombie Peds/NPCs
  • Maps (Los Santos destroyed)
  • various vehicles
  • monetary system and so on!

You hardly have to worry about the basics anymore because everything is already installed and fully integrated. Almost everything is available here!

Offer: €29.99 instead of regular 39,99 €

The package is currently not available.

This server pack makes it a lot easier to get started.
New version: January 2021

Installation of the FiveM Zombie Server

  1. Create a new directory (ex D:\FXServer\server), this is used for the server.
  2. Download the latest version of FiveM: artifacts server.
  3. Extract the data
  4. Download and unpack cfx-server-data in a folder, e.g. in  D:\FXServer\server-data.
  5. Create one server.cfg file in your folder: server data (here's an example: example server.cfg).
  6. Generate a new FiveM Server Key:
  7. Set the server license in server.cfg: sv_licenseKey "hereTheLicense".
  8. Turn on the server from the server-data folder.

If you use the pack from above, you don't have to force all the steps. It is important that the server has a correct key. If you want the server to be accessible from outside, enable the ports, otherwise friends won't be able to join.

Once you have set up the server, you can get down to business: Install ESX (everything is done with the pack). To do this, you set up a database and run the .sql. Then you start ESX and have a base for your server.

You can get various jobs in... Download and add FiveM Forum. A lot is finished, but often buggy or not necessarily usable. That's why it's worth getting to grips with it technically!

Create your GTA5 zombie survival RP server today. We hope you enjoy GTA Roleplay!

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