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November 26, 2021

Rent FiveM servers

Rent Zaphosting FiveM Server

Would you like to rent a FiveM server? Then you first need a good server hoster. For this we recommend our partner host Zap hosting or HostUnlimited.

FiveM is a modification for GTA 5 to create your own servers. The mod allows you to play on player-created servers or a GTA5 RP server to create. With FiveM you have the opportunity to create your own gaming experience and experience Grand Theft Auto in a new way. Roleplay is just one step away. The client is running only on PC and you can run a server on Windows as well as Linux. Would you like to rent a FiveM server? We'll show you how it's done.

Rent Zaphosting FiveM Server
You can rent your FiveM server at Zaphosting – very easily and conveniently, without any technical knowledge.

Rent FiveM via a vServer now

General questions about FiveM servers

Since questions keep coming up, we offer the best way to answer them here.

Who can rent a FiveM server?

Anyone over the age of 18 can rent a FiveM server. For this we recommend our partner Zaphosting.

What is the difference between FiveM and GTA:Online?

While GTA:Online runs on Rockstar Games servers, FiveM allows you to create your own server that you can host yourself. Here you determine the rules of the game: who can spawn cars, who has how much money, what are the rules of the game, etc. pp.

How much does a FiveM server cost?

That depends on the number of slots on the server. Zaphosting already offers servers for €5 per month – making it very cost-effective. So it's worth renting a server.

How do I then create a server?

This depends on what type of server you want to create. Zaphosting offers you some pre-built packages that you can install, including for roleplay. FiveRP also offers you one cheap server package, which is ready to start immediately.

Where can I find scripts for my server?

There are numerous internet forums and websites. We recommend the following:
FiveM Development Forum, Breadfish mods,

How do I install Saltychat?

Around Saltychat To install, download the server version of Salty and put it in the “resources” folder. Then start the resource via your server.cfg!

Do I need a Teamspeak server?

If you want to rent a FiveM server, we recommend that you rent a Teamspeak server to ensure communication between your players. Of course, it is also possible to communicate in the game using Mumble. Mumble is a voice system used pre-built by FiveM to communicate in the game via in-game voice chat.
For the best roleplay experience, we recommend a Teamspeak server with Saltychat.

Can I also get a FiveM server for free?

Unfortunately no: running a server costs electricity (and therefore money). You can also start your server on your own PC first to test important functions and details. But if you want to create a public server, you should consider spending a few euros and renting a small server. You can always upgrade later.

Which payment methods can I use for this?

Zaphosting offers the following payment options (information provided without guarantee):
Paypal, PaySafeCard, Sofortüberweisung, Giropay, EPS transfer, micropayment Handypay, Bitcoin, micropayment Call2pay

Further topics about FiveM

Do you want to create a GTA roleplay server?

To create an RP server, follow our instructions! We will explain to you in detail how it is possible to create a server of this type. But first you should rent a suitable server for this.

Instructions to create FiveM Server

  1. Load all the data from the “resources” folder into your Zaphosting “resources” folder.
  2. Open the .SQL file included in an editor/notepad.
  3. Go to “Find and Replace” and replace all “essentialmode” with your database name. It looks like this: “zap-xxx123”.
  4. Upload the SQL (import).
  5. Change your Server.cfg to Zaphosting. Only include the “start” or “ensure” lines that activate the resources.
  6. Start the server. Complete!

If you rent a FiveM server, you can Use pre-made template. Fast and easy.

Tips for recommended FiveM scripts

Are you and your server team looking for new scripts for your roleplay server? Then here's a list for you, because we have the best tips for new sources of scripts!

Here you can find more pages for FiveM Mods

Rent FiveM servers

Zaphosting is official FiveM partner and takes care of the operation and administration of your server.

Rent your own FiveM server today. We wish you a lot of fun!