Zaphosting hacked for the second time – 'data breach'


It happened again: Zaphosting was hacked again and data was published (leaked) by hackers. This is extremely annoying and we recommend that you be extremely careful when making further bookings.

A user writes:

An unfortunate news that I felt necessary to share with our users…
On November 22, 2021, Zap Hosting experienced a data breach that exposed the data of more than 746,000 customers.

The details of the data breach were added to the Have I Been Pwned service today (March 19, 2022):

Details of compromised data

Browser user agent details
Chat logs
Email address
IP addresses
Telephone numbers
Physical addresses
Purchase details
I would advise you to change all passwords and monitor all accounts for unusual activity. Especially if you use the same password for all online activities. Be aware that phishing attempts are likely because your personal information has been leaked; please be careful with such emails.

For more information, I recommend keeping an eye on the publicly accessible ZAP social media accounts.

I wish you a nice day,

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Community Administrative Director

Administrative team
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Already hacked for the second time

The German hosting company was hacked once in 2013 and data was published. This is the second time the whole thing has happened: emails, IP addresses, names, phone numbers, addresses and purchase details were leaked. An entire SQL dump of Zaphosting's database has been published.

We therefore currently recommend that you do not book any further services with Zaphosting and that you contact the company yourself if you have any questions. If you are unsure about your data, contact a data protection lawyer or other legal expert who is knowledgeable in these areas.

If you have booked a server with Zaphosting, you can think about changing the hoster.

Zaphosting 2013
Zaphosting was hacked once in 2013 and data was published.

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