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October 19, 2020

GTA 5 graphics mod: Naturalvision Evolved

GTA5 graphics mod cover image

There are many graphics mods for Grand Theft Auto V - but a new one is outstanding. It's called Naturalvision Evolved and is the successor to Naturalvision. It improves the gaming experience of GTA 5 in a visual sense.

YouTube video
Official video of the graphics mod

The mod is constantly updated and is exclusive to the mod creator's Patreon members. We offer a download of the mods in our forum, exclusively for FiveRP members.

It's no secret that the game Grand Theft Auto V is already getting a bit old, graphically too. If you want to play with polished graphics, this mod is just right for you. Improved ambient lighting, better reflections and parallax textures are offered.

The mod promises much nicer graphics and really puts Los Santos in the limelight. The feel of the game is almost completely different. The mod is also compatible with all GTA5 multiplayer mods, such as alt:V, RageMP or FiveM!

Important: Good graphics cards for Naturalvision Evolved

In order to use a FiveM graphics mod, your PC needs enough power. We've put together a list of graphics cards for you to check out if you're looking for a new GPU for FiveM!

Image gallery of the graphics mod